As the sun starts showing up more regularly, practical upgrades like these Australian-style front-mounted mesh sun visors make even more sense.

Much like a baseball cap, the aluminium peak pokes out above your windscreen, casting some shade over the cabin and saving you and your passengers from squinting to see where you are going.

Installation is a simple DIY process with the stainless-steel edges of the sun visor wrapping around and attaching either side of your A-pillar with the supplied self-tapping screws.

With prices starting at £208.95 (T25) and £219.95 (T2) you can find them online at HeritageParts centre by searching for mesh More >


New from Laser tools is this very nice combination ratchet-ring/open-end spanner set (part number 8511), that includes 12 spanners in sizes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19mm.

These spanners offer the convenience of a ring spanner but combined with the bi-hex (12-point) ratchet ring and a 72-tooth ratchet mechanism, just 5° of movement is required, allowing fasteners to be turned quicker and making them ideal for use in confined areas.

Manufactured from tough durable chrome vanadium with a fully polished chrome-plated finish, they are supplied in a storage case that can be hung on the More >


Seals-It Firewall Grommet Seals are ideal for passing wiring, hoses, hard lines, throttle cables and what have you, through the firewall into your interior.

Made from a fireproof nitrile rubber material bonded to an aluminium bezel, the seals are designed to stretch to let components pass through, then spring back into place to seal them tightly.

That helps prevent damage from abrasion or chafing while keeping dust and fumes out of the cockpit.

Seals-It Firewall Grommet Seals are available as one-piece push-through or two-piece split grommets designed for use with existing hose, line, or wiring. ENDS.


As the weather gets warmer, millions of drivers are expected to hit the roads this summer and online parts supplier, is encouraging motorists to give their vehicles a once-over before heading off on holiday.

Research carried out by the RAC found that only 19 per cent of drivers check their cars are fully road-ready before making a journey. says motorists should be checking key components, such as lights, tyres, fluids and most importantly, brakes, before travelling.

Matt Gates, director said: “Vehicles aren’t doing the same distances as they did pre-Covid, with more home working and the cost-of-living crisis meaning more people are choosing to stay More >


Webcon has advised that the replacement float for the Weber DCD carburettor is once again available.

The float was out of production but is now being made from state-of-the-art ‘Spansil’ which gives a more consistent, reliable product than the older brass types and is more resilient to modern fuels.

Manufactured by Weber, these floats are available from stock as part number 4103001100 priced at £59.45 inc VAT.

Available now via 01932 787 100 or by visiting ENDS.


Burton Power has announced that it can now offer Reinz Head Gaskets for the 2.5- and 3-litre Essex V6 engines. Order as part number FV755 at £30.00 each inc. VAT.

These will be of real interest to a lot of kitcar enthusiasts.

For further details contact 0208 554 2281 or visit ENDS.


Soft trim meisters, Woolies now has BLACK DOUBLE DUCK hooding back in stock.

The width of the new stock width is 178cm (69in) wide which is a bit less than they specify in their catalogue but is still a great width.

In addition to the Heavy Double Duck, they have a great range of other hood materials such as exterior leathercloth, which is the best value for money and is a good replacement for early pre-war Rexine hoods and fabric bodies as well as more modern vinyl hard tops, hoods and tonneau covers.

As well as hood material, Woolies also has all the fittings and More >


Brand new to the Laser Tools range is this pair of oil filter removal cups (part number 8571), designed to be used in conjunction with an oil filter wrench to undo and remove the filter, eliminating the need for the user to handle the filter and preventing any splashes or spillages of hot engine oil.

Loosen the filter with an oil filter wrench, then offer up the removal cup — its flutes will grip the filter and let you spin it off. No mess, no spill and no hot, contaminated oil on your fingers. What a great idea!

Two sizes in the More >


Discover over 12,000 products inside the new Tool CatalogueTM from Sealey.

Designed with you in mind, Sealey’s biggest-ever catalogue introduces over 1100 brand-new products bringing you the latest innovation in tools – developed to make tasks easier, allowing you to work safer and smarter.

The latest edition delivers the most comprehensive collection of tools and provides you with the ultimate reference for selecting equipment for your garage or workshop.

New products and extended ranges include the SV20 One-Battery Series. With an ever-growing range of tool bodies and equipment, Sealey’s professional 20V range of power tools provides the most versatile way to build your More >


If you have dreams of getting away in your VW Beetle this summer you may be considering some additional luggage-carrying options to ensure your show weekend or camping trip goes without a hitch.

Not only are rear-mounted luggage racks a super stylish accessory for classic and kit cars, but they give an extra load capacity for tents and suitcases to free up space inside for family and friends, without spoiling the vehicle’s aerodynamics, which could make all the difference when it comes to big hills or overtaking!

This stainless steel luggage rack by SSP is suitable for Beetle models with blade bumpers More >