When it comes to building a custom suspension, rod ends have it over ordinary bushings. They’re stronger, offer a much wider range of adjustment, and provide nearly zero deflection so those suspension adjustments stay put.

Summit Racing reckons that you can’t get a better rod end than FK JMX/JMXL Series Rod Ends. These three-piece rod ends have heat-treated steel alloy bodies with zinc-plated and chromate-treated races for corrosion resistance.

The balls are hard chrome-plated 52100 steel for excellent wear and durability. Some JMX/JMXL ends are made with a self-lubricating PTFE liner that is chemically bonded to the inner diameter of the race. More >


OSRAM, the market leader in automotive lighting, is expanding its renowned series of LEDriving retrofit lamps with the addition of the new LEDriving HL Vintage, gives vintage cars a retro look using LED lights.

With an increase in brightness of up to 300 per cent, compared to the minimum requirements of ECE R112, OSRAM’s LEDriving HL Vintage retrofit lamps provide not only optimal visibility but also optimised light distribution. These lamps consistently exhibit impeccable performance, even when integrated into older electrical circuits.

Featuring the latest LED technology and a compact design, the retrofit lamps guarantee high compatibility and easy installation in vehicles equipped with corresponding More >


Burton Power can now offer a single-piece propshaft based on the Group 1 version to fit all standard RS2000s and Escort Mk1/2 using a Rocket or five-speed gearbox and an English or Atlas axle.

By using a larger diameter tubing and not incorporating the centre bearing, this single-piece propshaft is much stronger than the original two-piece item. It is suitable as a direct replacement for the original prop or for competition use

It is a high-quality item manufactured in the UK, not a cheap inferior import. Most imports use rather crude forgings which are heavier and the tubing specification can often be More >


Webcon has announced a superb quality intake manifold set to suit the ever-popular VW 1.7-, 1.8- and 2-litre engines.

Ideal for those who want the efficiency and performance of twin carburettors, without the expense of the High Power Weber IDF set, part number 9900341200 is designed to accept the ever-popular and very reliable Weber 34ICT carburettors.

Kit 9900341200 includes manifolds, gaskets, studs, nuts and washers and is available at £254.65 inc VAT.

Available directly from Webcon and from appointed Webcon dealers around the world.

For further 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.


The brand-new Defender Ultra Slim Door Wedge Alarm means you can leave your workshop door ajar for ventilation, safe in the knowledge that a powerful siren will sound if an intruder attempts to enter.


Ideal for warm weather, this highly effective crime prevention device is battery-operated. It allows doors to be left open just a little to let in a cool breeze while securing them with an alarmed wedge.

Police accredited via the Secured by Design initiative, this innovative alarm helps protect you and your property. Awarded a Sold Secure Gold Standard by the Master Locksmith Association, the wedge will fit any gap of 5-15mm between the door and the floor and is suitable for all More >


Have a look at this new set of 5-in-1 pliers from Laser Tools (part number 8763). These versatile multi-function pliers are equipped with spring-loaded handles and come with five interchangeable heads that can be quickly swapped over, ensuring the right tool is always at hand.

The included heads cover a range of functions, including combination pliers, wire strippers, shears, cable cutters, and crimping pliers. Perfect for mechanics, electricians, or DIY enthusiasts, these pliers are ideal for mobile toolkits or situations where storage space is limited.

The pliers are 212mm long and the spring-loaded handles have a PVC soft grip which allows use More >


Explore fantastic seasonal offers inside the latest edition of the Tool Promotion, showcasing more than 1500 products with over eighty exciting new additions. There are great offers on categories such as storage solutions, vehicle maintenance essentials, hand tools, and car cleaning supplies. Exclusive discounts are also available on selected items throughout the entire product range, ensuring that you find the perfect deal inside!

Complete Your Garage Storage with Ease:

Introducing the NEW APMS12OP, a comprehensive garage storage system featuring a sturdy hardwood workbench, pegboard panels, and mobile base units. All units come fully welded and pre-built, conveniently packed on a single pallet More >


One for our North American readers ….

Proper engine lubrication during assembly and break-in after a full rebuild or a cam and lifter swap is important for the engine’s overall life and performance. That involves a three-step process using high-quality assembly lubricant, break-in oil and motor oil like those made by PennGrade 1 Oil.

The Break-in and High Performance Motor Oil is available in quart bottles or super-handy five-quart jugs that are more convenient to use and cost less than buying five single quarts. It’s nice to have choices.

PennGrade 1 Break-In Oil is a SAE 30-weight oil formulated with premium base stocks and More >


A new company, based in Brigg, North Lincolnshire called Jack Webb Motorsport, has a lot to offer kitcar enthusiasts.


I’ve known Jack’s dad, Arnie for many years. Arnie built one of the finest Caterham Sevens ever to grace the roads and he is often to be found at Jack’s modern workshop.

Jack is the manufacturer of JWM LiFeP04 Racing and Supercar Batteries and conducts Suspension and Race Engineering Services including Corner Weight Calibration and Geometry Setup for your Road, Track or Racing car. They are dealers for Nitron, KW Automotive, Quantum, Ohlins, BC Racing, Kumho, Toyo and more.

They have a natural leaning to Lotus and Caterham but regardless of the kitcar you own, they can more More >


Timing is everything and Burton Power now has an adjustable cam pulley (also known as a vernier) for the Ford SOHC Pinto engine to allow precise adjustment of cam timing.

This pulley is manufactured from steel, unlike most other vernier pulleys, to give maximum strength and durability under the stresses of racing and performance use and is highly recommended when using any performance camshaft.

Order as part number FT310A at £123.95 inc VAT the pulley is suitable for fitment to umpteen thousand kitcars.

More details from 0208 554 2281 or visit ENDS.

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