Zircotec, the UK company that has owned the science of thermal management for the last three decades, has unveiled a new range of handmade, detachable heat shields that can operate up to 1000°C and enhance the performance and longevity of critical automotive components.

The versatile ZircoFlex® SHIELD R products draw on Zircotec’s expertise as a heat shield supplier into top-level motorsport, including F1, and to various Supercar manufacturers. They have been designed for use across many applications including exhaust pipes, air intakes and other flat surfaces that are exposed to extreme heat.

Engineered to provide superior thermal performance, each metallic piece can operate at temperatures up to 1000°C, achieves up to a 50 per cent reduction in hot-to-cold surface temperatures and features Zircotec’s proven 6mm thick insulation core for added performance.

The exhaust pipe heat shield is suitable for curved components and is available in four sizes. Large specs measure 50cm x 16cm and 25cm x 16cm, medium dimensions are 25cm x 10cm, and small measures 23cm x 6.5cm.

The air intake heat shield protects cone filters from excessive heat, therefore improving air intake efficiency and vehicle performance. It is available as a universal size, but with three adjustable standoffs to enable fitment to intake pipes with a diameter of between 63.5mm and 89mm.

The flat heat shield product can be used across various applications where flat geometry is preferred. This piece is A4 size and measures 31cm x 22cm. All pieces are supplied with stainless steel ties to aid fitment.

Dominic Graham, Zircotec’s Engineering Manager, said: “We have been supplying our bespoke, integral ZircoFlex® SHIELD technology to Formula 1 teams and Supercar manufacturers for a number of years, but the customisation process often presents barriers related to cost and lead time.

“Our new detachable range offers an ‘off the shelf’ heat shielding solution that draws on similar thermal management technology but eliminates the need for a bespoke design phase. Each product is available in useful size formats and provides a very high-performance heat shielding solution in extreme conditions.”

ZircoFlex® SHIELD R products are available from Zircotec’s online shop at: https://zircotec.com/motorsport/shop/ ENDS.