Leading manufacturer of protective seat covers, Town & Country Covers, has revealed its latest exciting product, a seat cover with new and innovative air bag compliant technology.


Designed to fit almost any vehicle, Town & Country Covers has a new seat cover that has been meticulously designed over three years to fit single seats in modern cars and vans, while offering unrivalled protection for the seat, as well as the driver.

These new covers incorporate innovative technology and come with an airbag seam that allows the airbag to deploy, on either side of the seat. This solution has been rigorously tested to stringent standards at leading facilities to ensure it meets Town & Country Covers’ extremely high safety standards, so drivers can have peace of mind that their airbag will deploy through the seat cover, without delay.

There are other methods used in seat covers to allow for airbag deployment. The most common is to simply leave an opening for the airbag to deploy, but this can affect the fit and leave areas of the seat unprotected. Other methods are often un-tested and are not subject to the same quality checks that are undertaken by Town & County Covers. They quality check their seams to ensure they are only selling the safest and highest quality products.

Naturally, this new seat cover is designed in-house, as are all of the other seat covers in the Town & Country Covers range, and has extra panels on the sides to give it a more natural-looking fit. This 360° protection means every part of the seat is safe from spills, food stains, pet hair, oil, grease, scratches, and general wear and tear.

As would be expected from a company with such pedigree, Town & Country Covers prides itself on sourcing high-quality materials for all its products. Its signature polyester blend is the perfect balance of style, comfort, and toughness, which is guaranteed to add years to the life of any seat and this can be expected in this new product.

Designed with the driver in mind, Town & Country Covers ensures its covers are easy to fit, therefore this new seat cover has an elasticated hem and fastenings that secure under the seat to ensure the cover stays in place and can be fitted in a matter of minutes.

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