Summit Racing™ 2-Part Adhesives are perfect for auto body repair and other projects. They are easy to use and fast curing at room temperature. Two dispenser nozzles are included so you can lay down perfect beads in your desired width.

A Summit Racing™ 2-Part Adhesive Dispenser is required mix the adhesives in the proper ratios to ensure secure bonding. Available in 50ml or 200ml sizes, the dispensers work with both 1:1 and 2:1 cartridges. Extra dispenser nozzle packs can be purchased separately.

The product adheres a wide variety of metals and plastics together. Excellent adhesion and impact strength.

2-Part Non-Sag Seam Sealer seals interior and exterior seams, joints, and voids. Can be used vertically or horizontally with excellent adhesion to metal. Remains flexible and is paintable immediately with solvent-based coatings.

2-Part Plastic Bonding Adhesive quickly repairs brackets, tabs, headlight buckets, grilles, and other plastic parts (except TPO). Excellent peel and impact strength; paintable. Available in 60-second and four-minute work time formulas.

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