Mintex launched Two NEW Compounds at last weekend’s Autosport International show. Replacing the outgoing M1166, the NEW MRM1805 is designed for higher surface grip racing such as tarmac rallying and single-seater racing. MRM1805 is rated for track use only and is not road-legal.

The other NEW pure race compound is MRM1802, which has been created for lower surface grip situations such as loose surface rallying and off-road racing. MRM1802 replaces the existing M1155 and some M1144 race applications.

NEW Road Legal High-Performance Compounds

Mintex Racing’s NEW MRM1801 compound has been specifically developed for performance road and light, track-day use. This advanced compound, succeeding More >


Latest get-you-out-of-trouble tool from Laser Tools is this adjustable wrench that features a spring-loaded jaw, serrated teeth, and a flexible head for easy access to hard-to-reach fixings (part number 8729). With its simple pull-back action, it provides a fast and secure grip on fixings ranging from 8mm to 17mm in diameter. Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for toughness and shock resistance, this wrench is particularly good on damaged or rounded-off fasteners.

Also features a lockable flexi-head for greater access and its quick-adjustment head’s serrated teeth grip firmly on even the most rounded fixings. The tool’s overall length is 187mm with a More >


Get accurate, consistent measurements every time with Summit Racing’s EZ Pushrod Length Checkers. It’s easy to use (it’s literally in the name) – simply loosen the set screw, tighten the rocker arm nut, tighten the set screw, and remove the rocker. Measure the length with a dial and voilà, you have the perfect pushrod length.

Summit Racing EZ Pushrod Length Checkers are made from stainless steel for a lifetime of use. They are available in a master kit for professional engine builders or individually for these engines: • Chevrolet small block, big block and LS/LT • Mopar Gen III Hemi • More >


Pleased to hear that one of my all-time favourite track-orientated kitcars, the Global GT1 is available in kit form again. Until now, the reborn company was only offering the GT1 and its GT2 little brother in fully built guise.


The Essex-based company has announced this week that kit packages are available again with immediate effect. These are for track use only, remember.

The GT1 uses parts from the Yamaha R1 and you can expect to pay around £5500 for a ‘donor’ bike from which you’ll need the engine (180bhp), gearbox and wiring loom. The kit costs £29,995 and includes everything you’ll need More >


DEI’s new RFI Shield will reduce Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) emanating from high voltage wires and ignition systems that can affect computer systems, electronic fuel injection, radios and other sensitive components.

Electronic fuel injection systems thrive in an environment free from RFI.

DEI’s RFI Shield will safeguard these delicate electronic components, optimising fuel delivery and engine performance.

Packs include a 171/2 in grounding strap and DEI Quick Fix Silicone Tape to seal ends.

10681 Split Sleeve 1/2in x 3ft

10682 Split Sleeve 1in x 3ft

10679 Tape 1in x 25ft

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With the design of many Mini parts now some 60 years old it’s hardly surprising that science has developed improved alternatives.

The classic Mini differential output shaft oil seal is a case in point. Mini Spares has announced a new version made from a modern-day material – Viton. This will help stop those troublesome leaks that many classic A-Series suffer from.

Available as part ADU5738VITON the RRP is just £3.42 each inc VAT (note: two are required per gearbox).

More from the other end of 01707 607 700 or


Unsung heroes week this week! Another of my favourite suppliers is Woolies.

For all those little extras which are so important Woolies has it covered with a comprehensive range of hood fittings, door panels and other clipswoodscrews and self-tapping screws plus cup washers to name just a few.

More from or at the other end of 01778 347 347 ENDS.


Many enthusiasts dream of fixing their own car, saving hundreds, or indeed, thousands of pounds worth of workshop bills, but many lack the confidence or experience to do it. Thankfully, Bedfordshire-based Motor Skills Training has the perfect answer; a series of accessible and carefully thought out modular training courses that can elevate the average petrolhead from zero to hero, in spannering terms, over just a few days.

Under the watchful eye of respected TV Mechanic, and multiple-manufacturer acclaimed lead-engineer, Ralph Hosier, Motor Skills does exactly what it says on the tin, teaching kit, classic and retro car owners how to keep More >


Seals Plus Direct (SPD) is one of those companies that the specialist car industry can’t really do without. As the name suggests, they specialise in rubber seals although they do offer much more than that. Think rubber or silicone extrusions, expanded neoprene, white PVC cord, flocked lined window rubbers, and glass door seals, to name but a few of the 800 product lines they keep in stock. Actually, the total of stock and non-stock part numbers they have access to is closer to 10,000!

Kit and specialist cars play a significant part in the business although are dwarfed by classic cars More >


Revolutionise your toolkit with this comprehensive tool bag kit from Laser Tools, a portable powerhouse for automotive enthusiasts (part number 61719). This 63-piece set encompasses an array of essentials, from wrenches and socket drivers to hex keys, pliers, and much more. The package includes must-haves like a tape measure, utility knife, hacksaw and wire brush, all neatly organised in an 18in heavy-duty tool bag.

No more missing tools – everything you need is in one convenient kit.

The kit features the following handtools:

A particularly versatile socket and bit set that includes a 1/4in-drive stubby ratchet, ratchet-driver, 9 x 1/4in-drive sockets (4-12mm), and More >