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Now it’s possible to keep your vehicle’s interior cooler and quieter using just one material. ‘Sound Barrier’, from DEI blocks outside noise and high temperatures for a cool, comfortable ride whilst insulating the interior during winter months too.

DEI ‘Sound Barrier’ also provides vibration damping and is lightweight so easy to install. The sheets can be cut and glued, mechanically fastened or laid under the carpet for a tailored fit in any vehicle.

DEI ‘Sound Barrier’ can be ordered as part number 51135 and is sold in 55in-wide sheets by the linear yard at £48.95 per yard.

Price shown is for supply direct More >


AK Sportscars’ new demonstrator (nicknamed as one would expect by co-director, Wendi Freeman – she calls it ‘Timmy Turbo’) could well be one of the most powerful Cobra replicas thus far seen in the UK.

Rated by Jon Freeman as producing between 800-1000bhp, the company’s new demo car is sure to etch a perma-grin on the face of anyone who drives it. However, although it most definitely is RAPID, the car is proper old school in terms of looks and finish.

Visually, the only real clue that anything special is going on here is the slightly lipped rear arches to allow for More >


I don’t really have a suitable ‘zero-emission’ image so here’s a pic of what we all know GBS for – a ZERO! This one is their new Motul Edition model. Pretty!

Great British Sportscars is working on an electric project with Trelleborg Applied Technologies, Far-UK Ltd and Engenuity Ltd.

Funded by the Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles (OZEV) through The Niche Vehicle Network, Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation will undertake a research and development project focused on electric vehicle (EV) battery material and design.

The early-stage R&D stream initiative provides a platform for collaborative research in the area of zero-emission vehicle technologies within the UK More >


These new vehicle ramps from Laser Tools (part number 8068) are more than just strong, lightweight cars and light commercial ramps, they also function as levelling ramps, with three lifting heights.

Ideal for keeping motorhomes and caravans level on uneven ground, just choose the most suitable lifting height — 40, 70 or 100mm. The shape keeps the vehicle stable while helping to prevent flat spots and tyre damage. Can be used on suitable tarmac, gravel or grass surfaces. Easily stored, sized at 600mm long by 210mm wide and 130mm in height, they weigh just 1.1kg each but are manufactured from strong More >


Sealey’s new selection of Fully Automatic Battery Chargers can be found in their Summer 2021 Promotion, they are available in three different output charges: SPBC8 – 8A Fully Automatic Battery Charger, SPBC12 – 12A Fully Automatic Battery Charger and SPBC16 – 16A Fully Automatic Battery Charger.

These Fully Automatic seven-stage Battery Chargers by Sealey are specifically designed for charging a variety of GEL, AGM, lead-acid and calcium batteries with auto chemistry selection.

They are designed to automatically select and charge 6, 12, or 24V batteries depending on the battery connected. Zero-volt battery charging enables the recovery and charging of a completely discharged More >


This sanding block from Power-TEC (part number 92606) features a quick-change function allowing for the abrasive paper to be changed and locked in place with ease thanks to its twist and lock grip.

Manufactured from durable ABS, it has an ergonomic comfort grip handle which allows for even pressure distribution during use. It uses any abrasive paper cut to 175 x 71mm, which allows for four pieces cut from a standard sized sheet. Simply twist the grip to release, insert abrasive paper and twist back to lock.

This will be the sanding block of choice for the professional body repairer, and convenient and More >


Bicester Heritage is pleased to confirm that it will once again be opening its doors for historic motoring enthusiasts to join the October Scramble event, on October 10, with the release of 5000 tickets.

From 9am until 2pm, attendees will be able to live, breathe and experience historic motoring at its best, offering the chance for enthusiasts to bring their pre-1990 classic car, join the display and experience a behind the scenes glimpse of the hub for historic motoring enterprise at the best-preserved WW2 RAF Bomber Station in the country.

The 45 industry-leading Specialists based at Bicester Heritage will open the doors to More >


The NEW GBS Motul Edition Zero revealed at The Silverstone Classic…

The brand new GBS Zero ‘Motul Edition’ was revealed to the public for the first time at the Silverstone Classic recently on the Motul Stand with Witham Motorsport.

The Zero attracted a lot of attention over the three days and the big reveal on the Friday really created a crowd and a lot of media attention. The car was revealed by Martin Lines, who won the competition to design the livery.

On the Saturday the new Zero Motul Edition also got to make its first appearance on the track at Silverstone where More >


Burton Power now offers this hydraulic clutch slave cylinder that mounts centrally against the gearbox and provides the most efficient method of operating all push release type clutches. It is ideal for many forms of motorsport, road (kitcar) conversions and engine transplants.

This hydraulic clutch cylinder is manufactured for Burton Power in the UK by Titan Motorsport. to the tolerances expected in high-level motorsport.

For a complete system a release bearing, mount and hydraulic feed line will be required. Burton Power can supply these items for Type 9 five-speed, Rocket/Type E and 2000E/Type 3 gearboxes.

Burton’s hydraulic clutch cylinder nose can be ordered More >


A new product from Retronics is sure to attract kit and specialist car enthusiasts.

This simple to install module replaces the original indicator flasher (or adds indicator function) to give accurate and consistent electronic control. The RIHM also provides/adds an equally reliable hazard light function.

Using our in house designed PCB technology and modern components, the RIHM provides controlled and constant indicator and hazard light functions, unaffected by changes in resistance.

From a much-loved classic to a new build kitcar, the RIHM is a discreet yet important safety upgrade.


This version directly replaces the Lucas style DB10 relay (or similar) in cars that use More >