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Webcon has announced the relaunch of the Weber Twin Choke Conversion Kit for the Ford CVH 1.6-litre engine.

This popular engine is used in many kitcars. With many of the original carburettors approaching the end of their useful life, a Weber 32/34 DMTL manual choke carburettor conversion will breathe new life into these performance cars.

The Weber Twin Choke Conversion Kit can be ordered as part number PFO103 and includes a new Webcon manifold, a Weber 32/34 DMTL carburettor jetted for the 1.6-litre CVH engine, an air filter and an OEM air box adaptor, as well as a new choke cable.

The kit More >


This new spot weld cutter kit from Laser Tools (part number 8543) combines a high-quality 8mm HSS twist drill together with a 70mm extender and is designed to drill out or cut through spot-welds allowing for the weld to be broken and the welded panels taken apart.

The flat profile of the drill cutting face produces a burr-free hole leaving the underlying panel undamaged. The titanium nitride (TiN) coating on the spot-weld drill results in a sharp cut plus improved service life. Use on alloy and hardened steel where more heat may be generated.

Spot welds hard to access? The extender offers More >


Draper Tools has given its workshop equipment category a huge lift (pun fully intended!) by introducing no fewer than eleven new trolley jacks with a lift capacity of 2, 2.25, 3 and 4 Tonnes. This extensive range is loaded with high-quality safety and functionality features and offers something for every garage.

The new trolley jacks are available in different colours and styles. The heavy-duty chassis are all low profile, the lowest needing just 75mm clearance, making them well-suited for use on sports and custom vehicles with reduced clearance heights. They are also easy to manoeuvre; all fitted with rear swivelling castors.

Other beneficial features More >


For anyone considering installing a Ford Zetec E 1.8- or 2-litre engine into a kitcar Burton Power now has a RWD conversion kit that is suitable for both Silver Top and Black Top engines (including the ST170). The tailor-made engine mounts fit to the original crossmember and will line up with bolt holes on the Zetec block to correctly position the engine.

The kit includes: • A cast alloy sump pan kit with baffles, pickup, dipstick, dipstick tube, sump gasket and sealer.

  • A water rail simplifies the cooling system and plumbing of the engine. The rail has provision for a temperature gauge More >


DEI’s Muffler Shield Kit solves the problem of heat from the silencer being transmitted to a vehicle’s interior and nearby components.

DEI based the technology and materials on its well-proven Floor and Tunnel II heat shield.

The new Muffler (exhaust!) Shield is designed to wrap around just about any sized silencer and comes complete with a set of durable stainless steel positive locking ties for a secure installation.

DEI Muffler Shield is made from 10mm dimpled aluminium with an 1/8in thick needle glass insulator. The material is tough but can easily be trimmed to fit.

DEI Muffler Shield greatly reduces radiant heat coming from More >


Here’s one for our North American readers from Summit Racing.

The lowly spark plug socket hasn’t changed much since it was invented back in who-knows-when. Milwaukee Tool’s Magnetic Spark Plug Sockets bring the tool up-to-date with features like optimised geometry to reduce rounding and a rare earth magnetic retainer to keep the spark plug in place as you tighten it and smoothly release it when you’re done.

Precision knurling on the outside of the socket allows for better control when hand tightening or loosening, and there is an external hex at the base of the socket for a wrench.

See the Milwaukee Magnetic More >


STEVE HOLE pays his respects to a great old tuning name from the sixties, THE AQUAPLANE COMPANY LTD this week. If you had a Ford or a Mini in the sixties, they had a catalogue full of go-faster parts to tempt you with!

The Aquaplane Company Ltd was another famous old name of the sixties tuning and go faster scenes called founded by Harmer Copeman in 1954. They were based in Oulton Broad a suburb of Lowestoft in Suffolk.

Along with the likes of V.W Derrington and Alta, the Aquaplane name was a revered one.

Aquaplane’s biggest seller was their Superhead – pic More >


Tetrosyl Group has launched a new maintenance spray ‘Rocket TT. Rochdale-based Tetrosyl always aims to develop the best car and home care maintenance products for their customers.

Rocket TT is a multi-purpose, high-performance, light gel super lubricant for all types of surfaces. Its unique Crystalline Wax Film provides extended long-lasting protection from corrosion and rust

It stops squeaks and lubricates moving elements, including locks, tracks, hinges, and handles, while also working to penetrate and release corroded parts, fasteners, seized nuts and bolts, cables and linkages. Rocket TT can also clean and protect element connections to unblock dirt, remove unwanted moisture and protect More >


XCS Designs has launched a new model called the 427 Capello. This carefully specced sportscar offers enthusiasts the chance to buy a turnkey, factory-built Cobra replica for £59,995 registered and on the road, complete with 12 month’s warranty and built using completely new parts, including the entire chassis and drivetrain.


This entry-level model has been introduced into the range at the request of many potential customers, looking for the unrivalled quality and resale value of a ‘works’ car, but with an eye on value for money and affordability.

That said, the spec of this new ‘Baby Snake’ is no poor relation when More >


Founded in 1996 by Los Angeles car wash entrepreneur, Tunch Goren 3D Car Care has risen to become one of the USA’s leading car care brands and they launched in the UK in 2022.

We recently had the chance to sample their Bead It Up product, which is essentially a gloss-enhancing quick detailer.

It’s one of the nicest products of its type that I’ve ever used and is a true easy-on-easy-off potion that sprays on and wipes off. It leaves behind a great level of shine and also manages to give your paintwork a very smooth, soft feel.

When it rained the ‘beads’ More >

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