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Fresh new look for leading car care brand GTechniq and their performance-focused products which the company says celebrate the simplicity and purity of their range.

The facelifted line-up has launched under GTechnic’s new ‘Pure Performance Concept’ which describes both the essence of the new range and the ‘purist’-type enthusiast it has been created for.

Rob Earle, MD of GTechniq said: “Every single product that GTechnic develops is first and foremost designed to perform. This needs a total bias on functionality and ‘everything you need; nothing you don’t philosophy, so, for this reason, you won’t find any unnecessary additives, scents or colourings in More >


The best-selling Clarke CW1D Floor Standing Parts Washer provides a simple way to clean components covered in oil, grease and dirt. An internal pump continuously circulates the cleaning fluid, delivering it to just where it’s needed.

An essential product for any garage or workshop, the CW1D has a tank capacity of 75-litres, a fluid capacity of 45-litres and has a maximum pump rate of 90-litres per hour.

This model has a flexible link to automatically close the lid in the event of a fire. There is also an integral, replaceable filter. The CW1D requires a 230V power supply. Available now for £167.98 inc More >


Castrol has been at the forefront of oil technology for more than 120 years. Company founder Charles Wakefield launched his first vehicle engine oil in 1906, a pioneering blend of mineral and castor oils that offered unrivalled lubrication properties. Since then, and through many further innovations, Castrol oils have lubricated the beating heart of everything from speed records to Mars missions.

Interestingly, Castrol was the first company of its kind to promote its products through the support of a mobile competitions department, which would set up its marquee at every possible competition, race or record attempt. During the 1920s and 1930s, More >


One of the stars of the recent Stoneleigh show was the new Sonic7 demonstrator from the new Equilibrium Kit Cars, now run by engineer Michael Farrow.

Michael took over from Angus Weijers who’d done an extremely good job with the Stuart Mills-designed project and sold a good number of the very underrated kit. The pressures of his day job meant that he had to move the project on.

Engineer Michael had been a fan of the car and took over in 2020 spending the intervening period preparing his first demonstrator. It was a bit of a winning team so hasn’t needed to More >


A little device that I’ve been using in the garage lately and has proven itself to be incredibly useful is Versatray flexible tool tray, which adapts, flexes and holds itself to uneven surfaces such as undulating bonnets.

It really does help to keep tools, parts and fasteners all in one place while you are working. How irritating is it when you drop a screwdriver at a crucial time not to mention a small nut or screw!

The bright yellow colour makes working in poorly illuminated spaces easier. Dark coloured screws, clips etc. can be organised making them easy to spot against the More >


Does your dad spend more time in his ‘man shed’ building and crafting? Is he always in the garage tinkering on his pride and joy?

If so and if you’re stuck for gift ideas this Father’s Day … why not let them choose for themselves with a Machine Mart gift card or e-voucher?

With over 6000 catalogue lines and a further 15,000 specialist items online in their MMXtra range, they’re bound to find that perfect product, no matter what their hobby or interests are.

Machine Mart gift cards and e-vouchers can hold any value from £20-to-£500 and can be used in any of More >


As efforts are ramped up to minimise emissions of modern vehicles and improve fuel efficiency during the current cost of living crisis, the use of fuel additives is under the spotlight once again as a potential solution to soften the price of filling up.

Fuel additives are developed to reduce emissions, improve fuel consumption and clean up fuel system components. A cleaner fuel system will burn more efficiently, giving more power and cutting emissions that typically contain unburnt fuel and carbon.

Research carried out by Aberdeenshire-based fuel additives developer Fueltone Pro has found that the latest advances in additive chemistry are delivering More >


Ring Automotive has launched the RPPL260 and RPPL360 jump starter products, enabling super-quick charging of vehicle batteries and power delivery-enabled devices.

Both the RPPL260, with its 200-amp output, and RPPL360, with a 300-amp output, feature PD30W, a 30W power delivery method allowing devices to take on large amounts of power in a shorter timeframe.

Henry Bisson, marketing director at Ring, said: “The RPPL260 and RPPL360 offer a versatile solution to get drivers moving again following a flat battery. The powerful, safe and compact units are ideal for all vehicles, from medium cars to vans, providing rapid recharging using PD30W power delivery.

“Both products More >


A great new product that I spotted on the Great British Sports Cars is this lovely little two-person Green Tweed Picnic Hamper that comes fully loaded with plates and cutlery for your trip out in your GBS Zero or any other car for that matter.

Loving the ‘GBS’ legend stencilled onto the lid and the item is available now at £65.

Find out more by visiting ENDS.


The Scratchshield is a handy product when cleaning your car. It sits in the bottom of your bucket and stops crud and debris from being picked up with your sponge when washing your car. Some twenty years after it was first announced a new version has just been unveiled.

Little magnet does all the work

It’s called the ‘Grit Magnet’ and has been launched by Wizzard Products due to the considerable amount of tiny dirt and fall-out on your vehicle’s bodywork that contains ferritic particles. With Grit Magnet, a small magnet is inserted into one of the Scratchshield’s legs.

In tests carried out More >