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Brian Hart was another of those real motorsport characters that we just don’t see anymore. Born in September 1936 in Enfield, Hart got into motorsport after being hooked when visiting the British GP at Silverstone in 1949.

By 1958 he had his first crack at motor racing in a Lotus V1 in the 750 Motor Club’s 1172cc Formula before meeting the designer and maverick Len Terry and joining his Terrier team.

Rather embarrassingly for Lotus employee (at the time) Terry, Hart won the Chapman Trophy in 1960 in a Terrier Mk2 beating all the Lotus racers. It’s said that More >


One of the longest-serving kitcar manufacturers in the UK and undoubtedly one of the best-loved is Tiger Racing.

Founded and run by the Dudley family, Jim Dudley has recently published his autobiography which tells all about his career and of course, the life and times of running a leading kitcar manufacturer and the rise of Tiger Racing – it’s a great read and worth every penny of the £14.95 cover price.

It’s available now from or 01945 466 200 ENDS.


The original plastic oil filler cap was never Ford’s greatest design achievement. The cap top tended to separate from the body and allow oil mist to blow out into the engine compartment resulting in an oily mess.

Although Burton’s Black Alloy Filler Cap follows a similar design, being breathable and incorporating a filter mesh just like the OE cap, it’s made from anodised alloy. As it is more substantial and non-flexible, the top on this cap stays where it’s supposed to, preventing leaks and looking far more stylish and professional than the plastic cap ever could.

Four versions are available: FP641BK has More >


Woolies trim has a few new colours available in ½in (13mm) wide hidem, which are bluebrownbiscuitgreen and grey.

They have good stocks, but these products are non-repeatable so if you are interested, please order quickly or ask for a sample. Get them while you can!

More from or 01778 347 347 ENDS.


Need to make up a new section of brake pipe? Need to accurately mirror the original pipe’s bends and curves when making up the new pipe? Reach for this nifty brake pipe bender and clamp set from Laser Tools (part number 8523).

Included are a pair of brake pipe bender tools for shaping both copper and cupro-nickel brake pipes in situ on the vehicle, or on the bench. They are designed to be used with a standard 6mm hex key or a ¼in D ratchet (not included). Two pairs of brake pipe clamps are also included, to enable the new pipe More >


There is something great about a good memory, and many of us are immersed in this hobby for nostalgia more than anything else. We already drive old cars, so what else do we need? We need the parts that we used to fit, back in the day…

The Zoom Tube was a classic bolt-on addition for college students in the eighties, which is still proving popular with owners today. And for those that want a little more noise from the back of their Beetle, it is now available in stainless steel, to ensure the memory lasts for longer.

Produced by FORST this More >


Merlin Motorsport has a dedicated racing fire extinguisher service centre with expert technicians on hand. They are authorised by both Lifeline and SPA Design to service their extinguisher systems.

Generally, a mechanical extinguisher will take up to one hour while an electrical system can take up to three hours to recharge depending on whether the system has been discharged. If so, it will require the firing head to be rearmed. If you’re visiting Castle Combe Circuit then this can normally be undertaken while you wait.

If you’re not local to Chippenham, then you can send them your extinguisher and they will endeavour to More >


As a big fan of Scalextric and Thunderbirds I was delighted to see that for the first time, a slot car version of Lady Penelope’s FAB 1 is now available.

It comes complete with Parker driving and Lady Penelope in the back giving the orders and the amazing six-wheeled Rolls-Royce-inspired car looks fantastic in its pink colourscheme. It comes complete with a luxurious interior as well as that iconic grille up front.

I do wonder how Rolls-Royce feel about it though as they are said to have hated the full-sized replica and wanted it to be destroyed although I’m sure it’s different with More >


When fitting an aftermarket EFI system controlling the idle air is critical. However, there are very few, top-quality remote idle air assemblies available.

Webcon has announced the launch of its own manufactured, universal external idle air motor and housing.

The housing is beautifully CNC manufactured in the UK from billet aluminium and is finished with a black anodised coating containing Webcon’s own OEM quality, four-pin idle stepper motor.

Universal mounting is made easy with the provision of 2 x M7 mounting holes

WID060 is available from stock priced at £92.34 inc VAT.

For further details contact 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.

More >


Summit Racing™ Air Cleaner Spacers fit between the carburettor neck flange and the air filter assembly, providing additional clearance for carburettor linkage, return springs, fuel lines, and electric chokes.

The billet aluminium spacers have an O-ring seal that seals to the air cleaner base to prevent dust from getting inside. You may need a longer air cleaner stud depending on the height of the spacer you use and the design of the air cleaner. The Summit Racing Air Cleaner Spacers fit most carburettors with a 5 1/8in neck. Billet Aluminium Spacer Heights: ½in, ¾in, 1in, 1¼in, 1½in, 1¾in and 2in Plastic Spacer Heights: ½in, More >

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