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Design Engineering Inc’s Protect-A-Boots™ solve the problem of spark plug boots and wires, burning and cracking due to heat generated by the exhaust manifold, engine or turbocharger.

Now DEI has introduced some options to make this useful product suitable for even more applications.

The new 7in (178mm) long boots are made from the same double-wall high-temperature resistant glass fibre material as the rest of the range and offer the same great benefits:

  • Helps protect spark plug wires & boots from excessive engine heat • Easy installation – just slip the boot on spark plug for maximum protection • Withstands temperatures up to 1200°F More >


The Clarke CMUS3 is a compact and robust multi-function seat, ideal for keeping tools to hand whilst working in a garage or professional workshop environment.

The CMUS3 rolling seat offers the comfort of a mechanic’s utility seat with the added convenience of three ball-bearing drawers, a fitted side tray and three circular holders for aerosol cans or similar-sized containers.

Key Features:

Compact and robust design

Soft & comfortable padded seat cushion

Four x swivel casters for manoeuvrability

Three x ball bearing drawers with soft foam base

Side tray for storing nuts and bolts during use

Available here: for £94.80 inc VAT ENDS.

More >


Tenzi is a brand of car care products that never cease to amaze me not only for the quality of the products but also for their low prices despite them being imported from Poland.

Their Glass Cleaner, part of their Pro Detailing range and is a 700ml spray bottle that has a very pleasant scent and leaves a crystal finish on all glass with no smears or streaks.

Available now for just £7.79 from ENDS.


New lenses do a lot to improve the looks of a car as well as making it more visible. On the other hand, a broken or faded rear lens will be an MOT fail and attract unwanted attention from plod.

Happily, Mini Spares now has its own rear light lenses, modelled on the original Lucas versions, for the Mini Estate and Van models – although also as seen on loads of kitcars – and can supply them directly from stock.

Order the red brake light lens as part number 37H4963 at £36.02 each inc VAT and the amber indicator lens as part More >


I received an email from Wayne Blackwell of Blackwell Sports Cars advising that the SPR1 kit is for sale. His statement is below:

“Unfortunately, the time has come when my enthusiasm and commitment can no longer be put into the Blackwell Sports Cars venture.

Here we have an opportunity for someone to take over Blackwell Sports Cars. Included in the sale are all the moulds and rights to produce the SPR1 Mazda MX-5-based kitcar, our website, Facebook page, YouTube channel and email address will all be passed to the new owner. This is a great opportunity for someone to take the business on. More >


The big problem with owning any classic car or older kitcar is what to do when certain engine parts become unobtainable.

Thankfully Burton Power is dedicated to keeping classic British Ford engines on both the road and the track so whenever parts become unavailable it tries to source or manufacture replacements.

Burton Power can now offer an oil pick up pipe for all classic Ford Crossflow (Kent) engine blocks. This means that it might well be a great help for plenty of kitcar owners.

The oil pick up pipe can be ordered as Part Number FP645 priced at £36 inc VAT and you More >


The legendary Ford Crossflow engine has been in production since the mid-1960s and is still extremely popular for road and track use and alive and well in thousands of kitcars! The perfect carburettor for the Crossflow for road use is the Weber 32/36. However, supplies of new, original manifolds dried up years ago after they went out of production and so an upgrade to a Weber carburettor has required the installer to source a secondhand unit that has then often proved to be unsatisfactory.

Webcon has announced the launch of its own, brand new, intake manifold to allow the fitment of More >


This could be ideal for a load of old beach buggies and the like. There is no question about the popularity of the classic VW Beetle. Over 21 million were made between 1938 and 2003.

With so many still around it’s worth uprating the car’s suspension to 21st century standards.

GAZ fully adjustable GT dampers are now available for the 1953-65 Beetle 1200 to enable the damping bump and rebound rate to be adjusted to suit the conditions and driving style.

These dampers have adjustable bump/rebound rates that can be altered by means of an easily accessible knob on the side of the units.

GAZ More >


The wash stages are the most important in detailing, not just for maintaining a swirl-free finish during periodical cleaning, but as a foundation for every other subsequent process for more in-depth details.

For this reason, Auto Finesse is now offering some of its most popular dilutable wash products in extra-large 2.5-litre containers.

Bridging the gap between their 1-litre bottles and 5-litre trade sizes, these products cover the pre-wash, snow foam and contact wash processes and include Dynamite Traffic Film Remover, Avalanche Snow Foam and Lather Car Shampoo.

Lather Car Shampoo 2.5-litre is priced at £23, Dynamite Traffic Film Remover 2.5 litre is priced More >


A Hazard Warning Light function is a discreet but important safety upgrade for all classic and kit vehicles.

Should you need to pull over, it is vital to let other road users know your situation – particularly on what are laughingly called ‘Smart’ Motorways. Many kitcars are much smaller than modern vehicles so visibility is essential, especially in a breakdown or emergency situation.

The Mini Spares Hazard Light Module Set is an ultra-reliable, universal hazard light module that is supplied ready to fit and is suitable for all vehicles … not just Minis.

It is simple to install with no requirement to replace your More >