Soft trim meisters, Woolies now has BLACK DOUBLE DUCK hooding back in stock.

The width of the new stock width is 178cm (69in) wide which is a bit less than they specify in their catalogue but is still a great width.

In addition to the Heavy Double Duck, they have a great range of other hood materials such as exterior leathercloth, which is the best value for money and is a good replacement for early pre-war Rexine hoods and fabric bodies as well as more modern vinyl hard tops, hoods and tonneau covers.

As well as hood material, Woolies also has all the fittings and fixings you’ll ever need

Other ‘canvas’ type materials include Wigan Weave and Twillfast (mohair style fabric), which is available in a variety of colours including Fawn, Green, Blue and Black on Black and Black on Beige.

More from or at the other end of  01778 347 347 ENDS.