Car care maestros, Gtechniq has announced the launch of EXOv5 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating for automotive paint.

The development of the latest version of EXO has been extensive and has taken over two years. EXOv5 utilises the latest in composite siloxane technology that when applied to paint delivers incredible dirt and water repellency that lasts more than eighteen months.

Gtechniq’s in-house laboratory took over 26,000 water contact angle measurements, 4200 gloss measurements and 750 application assessments to ensure that the product worked in any country and any climate.

To validate Gtechniq’s internal testing, they worked with a well-known university that specialises in material surface science. The university was able to analyse the product at a molecular level using incredibly advanced equipment to ensure the product produced flawless and repeatable results.

A key component of the EXOv5 is that it now only requires one layer of product to be applied, rather than the previous version which required two layers, saving time and effort. The water contact angle (beading) has been increased which means even less dirt and grime will stick to the surface making ongoing maintenance a breeze.

Gtechniq bossman Rob Earle said:” Unlike previous generations of EXO, v5 is based on a completely new chemistry. Getting this right has been a gargantuan task that pushed our team to their limits of patience and resolve. Pre-release feedback we have had from customers from all over the world has indicated that EXOv5 has more than hit its design brief of offering superlative dirt and water repellence, a high degree of surface slickness, great gloss levels, a major improvement in durability and very simple and fast application.

EXOv5 is available in 30ml and 50ml with prices starting from £55 for the 30ml fill. More from ENDS.