Summit Racing™ Megasquirt Engine Management Combos give you the flexibility to precisely tune your engine from startup to wide-open throttle at a very affordable price. The combos are based on the DIYAutoTune Megasquirt Gen 2 Engine Management System. It’s a standalone system that is a fully plug-and-play replacement for the factory ECU with no additional wiring required for basic operation. It has a preloaded base map to get your engine up and running, ready for additional tuning.

Basic Tuning Features
• Real-time tuning and datalogging with a laptop connection
• 16 x 16 fuel tables allow high-resolution tuning
• 12 x 12 ignition tables
• Multiple acceleration enrichment strategies
• Closed-loop idle speed control
• Air conditioner control
• Onboard peak and hold drivers support both high and low-impedance injectors
• Allows removal of stock airflow meter or stock MAF sensor, if so equipped

Advanced Tuning Features
• 12 x 12 air fuel ratio target tables for use with a wideband oxygen sensor
• Built-in 2-step rev limiter/launch control with flat shift
• Real-time barometric correction
• Internal 4-bar MAP sensor reads up to 44 PSI of boost
• Overboost protection
• Closed-loop boost control (requires boost solenoid kit)
• Knock sensor input with adjustable sensitivity
• Headphone output for knock sensor—listen for knock while you tune
• Input for flex fuel sensor—switch between E85 and gasoline on the fly
• Table switching input—change fuel and spark maps on the fly for different fuels, nitrous activation, etc.

The DIYAutoTune Megasquirt Gen 2 Engine Management System also has a CAN Bus connector that accepts Megasquirt-compatible devices for additional functions like EGT input, automatic transmission controller, and additional sensors.

We also include an Innovate Motorsports MTX-L Plus Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit. It features DirectDigital™ signal processing and Advanced Sensor Control that samples oxygen sensor data faster and more frequently so you get a real-time picture of the air/fuel ratio at any point in the engine’s powerband. The MTX-L Plus also has an advanced oxygen sensor heater control for more accurate readings – a big plus with boosted engines. A Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband O2 sensor is included.

The final component in our Megasquirt Engine Management Combos is a DIYAutoTune serial to USB port adapter to connect the Megasquirt ECU to a computer that doesn’t have a DB9 Serial connector.