As anyone who drives a car with Lucas L488 rear lights will already know, the lenses on the red stop/taillights is usually very dark and obstructive to light. This renders the rear lights dull and sometimes, dangerously so. Upgrading to brighter and more efficient LED helps, but can just mask the problem, which is the dark lens.

Now the 4Sight Lighting Co can offer a simple solution. These new glass lenses are produced on the original Lucas tooling and are badged Lucas L488, but they are made from optically superior red glass and pass light from inside far more easily. It takes minutes to change over the dark lenses to these superior ones and whatever the light source inside, the difference is immediately obvious, with significantly increased brightness in the stop and tail lights.

A pair of these superior lenses’ costs just £29.98 inc VAT. A range of LED upgrades is also available including orange flashing indicators through the red lens with no change to the original appearance.

More details from 0121 773 7000 or ENDS.