Using a Rocket/5 Speed gearbox to English/Atlas rear axle drivetrain set up?

Burton Power has announced an upgrade to its Single Piece Competition Propshaft for Mk2 Escort RS set ups running a ‘Rocket’ or five-speed gearbox linking to an ‘English’ or Atlas rear axle.

The propshaft is built to the same specification as the original Group 1 item. The single-use propshaft is much stronger than the original two-piece item by virtue of the removal of the centre bearing and the use of larger diameter tubing in its construction.

It is suitable as a direct replacement for the original prop or for competition use and fits all standard RS2000s or Escorts using Rocket or five-speed gearbox (Sierra five-speed or Cosworth 2wd Borg Warner T5) and English or Atlas axles, which will also include a good number of kitcars, obviously.

This is a high-quality item manufactured in the UK – not a cheap inferior import. The vast majority of imports use rather crude forgings which are heavier and the tubing specification can often be suspect.

The tube specification used on the Burton Power propshafts is SAE 1020/1040, as per the original RS specification. The end float in the universal joints is controlled by varying the thickness of the circlips which gives a smoother joint action and better control over straightness and dynamic balance. All shafts are checked and corrected for straightness.

The aim is to have no greater runout on any part of the tube of more than 0.25mm (compared to the original Ford specification of 0.35mm). All shafts have been dynamically balanced at 3000rpm to ISO specification G16.

Order as part number PROPENG at £240 inc VAT.

For further details contact Burton Power on 0208 554 2281 or visit ENDS.