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Laser Tools, under their Laser Tools Racing brand, has just released this non-slip wing cover (part number 8728). This wing cover is specifically crafted to protect the paintwork of vehicles from accidental marking or scratching during maintenance and repair operations. The versatile nature of this product also makes it an ideal choice for use as a desk mat.

The wing cover features a rubber backing combined with a durable fabric facing, ensuring a high level of grip and protection. Measuring a generous size of 900 x 600mm, this wing cover offers ample coverage for various vehicle models. Whether it’s a professional automotive workshop More >


Webcon has announced its own OEM-style linkage to allow Weber 32/36DGV or DGAV carburettors to be fitted to a Ford Crossflow Kent engine.

The linkage is almost an exact recreation of the OEM Ford linkage that has not been available for many years. The kit is available as part number LP4230 and retails at £95.14 inc VAT.

Webcon also offers the individual components from this linkage set should they be required.

Available from 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.


Mini Spares has introduced its new close-ratio MSG03 gearbox that features special heavy-duty 2nd and 3rd gears, laygear and a first motion shaft to match. This combination provides a quiet road ‘box suitable for engines producing up to 125 lb-ft of torque on naturally aspirated engines.

The MSG03 gearbox incorporates Mini Spares helical-cut extra-strong gear teeth (using the same design as the well-proven Mini Spares C-STN48 four-speed gear kit, but now, for the first time, available as a five-speed set).

The MSG03’s ratios are as follows: 1st = 2.583 same as Clubman set 2nd = 1.644 3rd = 1.250 same as Clubman More >


New from Summit Racing – Many of today’s engines use the more accurate torque angle method for tightening fasteners, especially on critical components like cylinder heads and main cap bolts.

A Performance Tool Torque Angle Gauge will help you do that. It has an easy-to-view 360-degree scale that reads in two-degree increments so you can quickly see the exact amount of torque applied to fasteners, so you don’t accidentally overtighten them.

The gauge works with all 1/2in drive ratchets, breaker bars, and sockets. A 15in-long flexible clip arm shaft, spring clamp and powerful magnet are included.

More from ENDS.

More >


This easy-to-set-up MIG135TE welder is ideal for the DIY enthusiast, with power settings from 30- to 130-amps, and the ability to weld mild steel up to 5mm thick.

It features a professional style, non-live torch, which offers a distinct advantage for the inexperienced welder and it also has a turbofan for prolonged welding at full power.

It comes in a stylish case with a hinged side door providing access to the wire reel and gas bottle and it has power selector switches for easy use, allowing even beginners to produce professional-grade welds with ease, so it’s ideal for automotive repair and other More >


STEVE HOLE tells the story of the GINETTA G10 and G11 models. Similar cars with a V8 engine used in the G10 and a 1800cc B-Series in the G11. Plus comes news of a G10 Continuation model from Ginetta Cars.

The news that Ginetta Cars has announced a ‘continuation’ G10 model intrigued me. I think it’s great that Lawrence Tomlinson is recognising his company’s magnificent heritage which stands at a marvellous 74 years and counting.

L-to-R – The Walklett brothers – Ivor, Doug, Bob and Trevers

Certainly, even though Ginetta is one of the revered kitcar marques I still think that the exploits More >


New from Ultima Sports is this cool new book by CEO, Richard Marlow called ‘Ultima: The Story So Far’, available now in hardback.


It charts the story of the Ultima marque from its formation in the mid-eighties by Lee Noble to its position today as a maker of kit-form supercars.


Co-founder, Richard founded Ultima Sports with his father Ted and the book charts their story through Richard’s eyes. A superb effort and surely a must for any kitcar enthusiast’s bookshelf.


More from or ENDS.


Using a Rocket/5 Speed gearbox to English/Atlas rear axle drivetrain set up?

Burton Power has announced an upgrade to its Single Piece Competition Propshaft for Mk2 Escort RS set ups running a ‘Rocket’ or five-speed gearbox linking to an ‘English’ or Atlas rear axle.

The propshaft is built to the same specification as the original Group 1 item. The single-use propshaft is much stronger than the original two-piece item by virtue of the removal of the centre bearing and the use of larger diameter tubing in its construction.

It is suitable as a direct replacement for the original prop or for competition use More >


Webcon has announced a short body cast aluminium inlet manifold to allow the fitment of twin 45 DCOE carburettors or DCOE pattern throttle bodies to a Ford Pinto engine.

The thickness of the manifold is just 28mm to ensure maximum clearance for tall inlet trumpets or air filters. The manifold is supplied complete with a fitting kit as pictured.

The 28mm manifold kit can be ordered as part number MW4272B at £320.66 inc VAT. Webcon also offers Pinto manifolds in different lengths.

Available from 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.


Getting your air-cooled VW engine purring like a kitten takes some work, but there are a few things you can do to help release the inner feline in your flat 4.

Discarding the mechanical points in favour of electronic ignition is a common upgrade, which utilises modern electrics to help prevent running problems caused by sticking contact breakers. The 009 distributor which operates centrifugally, without vacuum advance will improve throttle response and is a popular swap for those running twin carburettors.

Fortunately for us, the good folk at SSP have their ear to the ground when it comes to making products that More >

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