With winter well on its way, it is a good time to think about where you might store your car during the colder, darker, and wetter months.

Without access to a cosy garage, a driveway or the street outside is probably the best we can hope for, but there is much more to keeping your car covered outside than an old tarpaulin.

Sadly, the simple tarp will do more harm than good with the condensation it creates on the inside, and its less than paintwork-friendly plasticised coating.

Cue SSP with their 5-layer waterproof and breathable car covers which have each been designed with specific models in mind… No sagging or stretching to fit here, just an elasticated hem and securing straps to fasten underneath for peace of mind should the wind pick up.

With a soft fleece-lined layer to protect your paintwork, the outside has a high UV resistance should the sun make an appearance, and all the seams are heat sealed to ensure it is 100 per cent waterproof, ideal for cabriolet and sunroof models!

This particular cover is suitable for the VW Beetle and retails at £113.95 and can be found online at HeritagePartsCentre.com by searching for part number AC8986101.

A cover for classic VW Type 2 is also available within the range, suitable for both fixed and pop top models at £164.95 search for part number AC8986201 ENDS.