Machine Mart has grown their extensive range of heaters with two new efficient Clarke Devil models.

The first of these models is the Clarke Devil 370SPD Remote Controlled Quartz Halogen Heater. Providing instant, clean, odour-free infrared heat, this heater is ideal when spot heating of objects or persons is required. The elements will only heat solid objects, rather than air, which makes this heater extremely efficient as 95 per cent of input energy is converted into heat output.

The 370SPD is made of rugged all-steel industrial casing and is mounted into a lightweight tubular frame. It features a swivel head for direction-specific heating, which means it can be used simply for both indoor and outdoor maintenance areas.

This model also features a stylish LCD panel to show heating mode, an automatic shutdown timer, 6 programmed heating settings and a multi-function remote control for ease of use.

The heater has a max output of 2.8kW and a supply voltage of 230V.

Available for £263.98 here:

The second model is the Clarke Contractor Devil 351C Ceramic Heater, an easy and convenient way to quickly warm rooms for heating and drying. With its minimal warm-up time and variable heat output, a constant and comfortable room temperature can be raised quickly and easily maintained.

The 351C is made from a tough tubular, fixed-angle steel frame for added durability, and has a colour LCD panel displaying 6 heater settings. It also features an automatic shutdown timer and open window detection.
This model has a supply voltage of 110V with heating output ranging from 1200W to 2400W.

Available for £203.98 here: ENDS.