Merlin Motorsport reckons that ITG manufactures the finest air filters on the market for both road and racing vehicles. The impressive array includes the massive Profilter range of direct replacement Air Filters and the versatile Megaflow Air Filters which offer superior filtration while maximising output and performance. They stock their complete range Go to – ITG AIR FILTER PRODUCTS.


There are a range of pre-drilled plates available to suit a wide range of carburettor/throttle body applications. In some instances, though there may not be a pre-drilled base plate available for your requirements, and in this case we sell blank plates for you to drill or cut yourself. Go to – ITG AIR FILTERS & BASE PLATES

To fit an ITG Megaflow air filter to your car you need a baseplate. This is fastened to the front of your carburettor or throttle bodies and then the filter element clips onto the baseplate with quick-release fasteners.

Merlin has a handy article that you can here – ITG MEGAFLOW AIR FILTER BASE PLATE – HOW TO MEASURE FOR THE CORRECT SIZE

Another special order below – this Mega Maxogen is designed for very high-powered vehicles due to its massive size and construction. This filter is for hoses with an I.D. of 89mm (3.5in) and measures a whopping 345mm (13.5in) long! These are rated to 800bhp, but they’ve heard that these have been fitted to 1000bhp+ applications!

The ITG PROFILTERS are a direct replacement performance air filter for both racing and road cars. Made in England, ITG uses its legendary ‘Tri-Foam’ technology which allows for greater airflow without compromise on filtration.

The filters are designed to be fitted to the car indefinitely. Cleaning and inspection is only required periodically – usually at the same time as your engine oil change. A full clean and re-oil is only needed when the filter is very clogged up.