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Webcon has announced it has enhanced its range of EFI fuel pressure regulators with the introduction of an anodised black finish on a wide variety of its units.

Black anodised regulators are now available from 2.5 BAR fixed rate up to 4.5 BAR fixed rate and zero to five BAR adjustable regulators with a choice of single 8mm side feed, twin 8mm side feeds or single -6 AN fitting feed across the range.

Prices start at £105.23 inc VAT.

Visit to see the whole black anodised regulator range and prices.

For more details call 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.

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Dorset-based Auto Electrix will have genuine appeal to readers. The company can handle all sorts of automotive electrical gremlins and diagnostics plus DSG gearbox fault finding and coding, vehicle tuning and general repairs.

Quite notably, the Poole-based company offer a starter motor, alternator and dynamo repair service, which will undoubtedly make our readers’ ears prick up. Work is done efficiently, cost-effectively and quickly. Oh and the company’s workshop has a huge and bespoke mural on the wall, which is stunning.

A warm welcome awaits at Auto-Electrix

To find out more and to obtain a quote call 01202 509 430 or visit ENDS.

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This new extra-long carbide scraper from Laser Tools (part number 8393) features a double-sided and super-hard, tungsten-carbide tip, and is ideal for removing corrosion, carbon deposits, gaskets, paint and varnish.

Suitable for use on brake caliper and back plate sliding faces, exhaust manifolds and cylinder heads, with the serrated side of the tip perfect for cleaning grooves and edges.

Comfortable, ergonomic handle and extended shaft (total length 300mm) for ease of use and hard-to-reach areas. The 32mm blade width lets you remove large amounts of material quickly.

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist – always remember to check for the best prices More >


With autumn just around the corner and to coincide with Tyre Safety Month in October, Ring Automotive is encouraging motorists to check their tyre pressure to ensure vehicles are in the safest condition and are more fuel efficient and reduce emissions.

Research by TyreSafe reveals 57 per cent of tyres on UK roads are under-inflated, add to this extra weight and travelling longer distances, and tyres will ultimately fail, says Ring Automotive. With the rise in living costs, Ring is urging drivers to check their tyre pressure to save them money.

Simple checks can be made to ensure tyres are safe to More >


New company Carburettor Coffee has launched a new range of automotive-related, er, coffee.

Several blends are available including Roadrunner inspired by a ’71 Plymouth model which features Ethiopian and Central American Arabica beans.

Meanwhile, Volante takes its inspiration from Aston Martin and has a smooth and rich balanced flavour while Cortina house blend has added punch courtesy of Robusta beans.

The coffee is available in ground or bean forms and sizes from 250gm to 1kg priced from £6.50.

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Want to add a splash of modern technology to the flanks of your Beetle water-cooled-based kitcar? How about a set of dynamic flashing side repeaters?

Taking influence from the VWs sold at a dealership today, they are a great pocket money mod at just £19.95 a set. Fitting these clear lensed beauties will take a matter of minutes and involves no cutting of wires, simply push a connector into the existing bulb holder and hey presto!

Head on over to and look up part number WC949SR01CD to check them out for yourself ENDS.


The Clarke IT1500 is an easy-to-use portable induction heater kit suitable for use in garages and workshop environments.

This tool kit offers an energy-efficient design providing a safer and more economical alternative to brazing torches or similar heating methods. This product is supplied with a convenient carry case and an assortment of coils.

20mm, 26mm and 32mm Tubular Heating Coils: For heating nuts, fasteners, bolts, 02 sensors etc.

55mm Flat Heating Coil: For removing stickers, graphics, emblems, body mouldings etc.

295mm U-Shaped Coil: For performing the work of other coils but can be customised to remove and repair dents.

1000mm Flexible Coil: For clearing race More >


This summer the UK experienced high temperatures, so it’s good to know DEI has improved the formula of its Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive. The new formula is sure to maintain its bond despite the hottest of heatwaves.

Now you can park your car in the sun, safe in the knowledge that DEI’s Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive won’t let go. The headlining will stay where it’s supposed to be, on the roof, and not draped over the seats!

DEi has also redesigned the can and made it bigger; so it will go even further so that you can get even more jobs out of one More >


Tony Bucknall of ABS Motorsport from Binbrook, Lincolnshire has been on to tell us that he has added to his already extensive range of Mini kit and Mini specials in GRP panel form with the arrival of the Alto Boxer.

The later body conversion sister to the Alto Duo from Dave Gornall of Alto Cars the Boxer also had plenty of potential but didn’t really fulfil it although it remains a very attractive car to these eyes.

His range of GRP panel kits is amazing and includes – Eurosport 7, Rogue, Sportpack, Lamme, Euro Lamme, Cheater, MTEC, Salsa, Fortec, Monte Carlo, Turbo More >


To complement the range of Webcon and Marelli crank sensors, Webcon has announced the addition of the Magneti Marelli Type SEN8D3.

The Type SEN8D3 is a three-wire, shielded straight sensor with 20mm projection and is supplied with a wire length of 460mm. Order as part number WSS077.

Additionally, this sensor is also available as an unshielded version with two wires as Type WSEN8D with part number WSS075W.  Both sensors are in stock and are priced as below:

Type WSS077 SEN8D3 £54.88 inc VAT

Type WSS075W WSEN8D £41.02 inc VAT

For further details contact Webcon UK on 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.

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