This elegant lump of chrome and glass graces the back of the Jaguar XK150, Jaguar Mk2 and several other Jaguar cars of that era. In good condition, it is a thing of beauty but is a little dim and more decorative than useful. It is a number plate light, reversing light and shines into the boot to illuminate in there when the lights are on.

The Better Car Lighting LED upgrade kit has been developed to address the weaknesses of this light unit and to add more functions, to allow cars with it to enjoy the extra safety that modern cars take for granted, and without changing the appearance.

The LED upgrade fits invisibly inside and equips the car with a powerful reversing light, bright warm white number plate light and boot light, but also a very bright extra brake light and also a red rear foglight for murky conditions at the push of a button.

Increasing your visibility by at least 50 per cent has got to make sense on today’s busy roads.

This kit has absolutely everything needed to upgrade the L512, with even a new gasket as the old one is unlikely to have improved over time. It also comes with simple, step-by-step instructions to guide you effortlessly through the process.

The original version of this kit was introduced in 2017, but this one has many improvements. The LEDs are now more powerful and more efficient. The printed circuit boards are now black, so as to become almost ‘invisible’ when fitted.

The switch is small and neat and fits any standard 12mm switch hole, so it can be blended into a dash or console, or into an under-dash bracket. The mounting board, with LED panels and wiring, is pre-assembled to make it quicker and easier to assemble.

What hasn’t changed is the price which is £179.99 inc VAT and comes with a five-year guarantee on all parts.

For more details contact Gil Keane 0121 773 7000 or visit ENDS.