news_karcherKärcher has unveiled their newest and most advanced High Pressure Washer range for 2016 allowing you to take full control of your home. The Kärcher Pressure Washer is perfect for taking on all of your cleaning needs, from transforming your outdoor patio to washing your car.

Brand new to the 2016 High Pressure Washer range are the Full Control machines, with an LED display built directly into the trigger gun, giving you more clarity than ever before on the perfect setting for a range of household jobs.

This exciting addition to the Kärcher Pressure Washer family transforms outdoor cleaning methods by choosing the setting suited to your needs when taking on those dirty jobs. With the new LED display you can choose the right power setting to perfectly suit each specific task. Through modifying the water pressure, you can apply the perfect cleaning solution for your surface. The Full Control pressure washer enables you to tackle your patio, wooden decking or car, with the best cleaning results.

The new range continues to uphold Kärcher’s high energy saving standards with all high pressure washers providing over 50% water savings compared to a traditional garden hose, whilst still producing 35 times more power. Each of the new products for 2016 are also made from up to 50% recycled materials whilst still maintaining the premium feel to its design and structure that you’d expect from a Kärcher product.

Phil Springall, Marketing Manager of the Home and Garden Division at Kärcher UK comments: “We are delighted to unveil our innovative new range of pressure washers for 2016, using advanced technology to allow users to rediscover their homes by taking full control of their cleaning, regardless of the task”.

K4 Full Control

The K4 Full Control is a portable machine, the ideal product for tackling your outdoor cleaning tasks. The product includes a Full Control trigger gun and houses its various spray lances in the middle of the machine, allowing you easy access to a range of innovative tools for any outdoor job. In addition to this, the hose storage area creates a balanced position and reduces setup time meaning tasks are quickly completed.

RRP: £219.99

K4 Full Control Home

The new K4 Full Control Home pressure washer is the perfect solution for your patio or decking. Developing a new system to help guide you to the correct pressure setting for your cleaning task, you simply choose the correct pressure setting based on the surface you want to clean and the symbol guides on the lances. This new system helps you achieve the best possible clean for your home. Additionally, the stone detergent helps clean your patio more effectively, help prevent dirt from returning, protect and care for the surface. The K4 Full Control Home is the perfect machine for cleaning medium sized patios, decking and cars. RRP: £279.99

K4 Premium Full Control Home

This model is a powerful and easily portable cleaning solution perfect for taking care of your home. With a low centre of gravity due to the hose reel stored on the back of the pressure washer and a stability foot, the machine is built to ensure it does not topple over whilst at work. The K4 Premium Full Control Home also comes with a Full Control trigger gun, Vario Spray lance, Dirt Blaster spray lance, 3-in-1 Stone cleaner and T350 patio cleaner.

RRP: £329.99

K5 Full Control Home

he K5 Full Control Home is an easy to manoeuvre product, perfect for your outdoor cleaning needs. The product includes the innovative Full Control trigger gun plus a range of accessories including the Vario Spray lance, Dirt Blaster spray lance and a T350 patio cleaner, great for sprucing up the patio or fence and achieving a high quality clean.  As well as this it also includes a telescopic aluminium handle for easy transportation and convenient storage.

RRP: £379.99

K5 Premium Full Control Home

The K5 Premium Full Control Home is a powerful and easy to manoeuvre product with its telescopic aluminium handle. The model includes additional functional features aiding ease of use such as a stability foot and a second handle for carrying. It also comes with a range of accessories including a Full Control trigger gun, Vario Spray lance, Dirt Blaster spray lance, 3-in-1 Stone cleaner and T350 patio cleaner

RRP: £449.99

K7 Premium Full Control Home

The K7 Premium Full Control Home combines power, accuracy and efficiency providing the full package for home cleaning. The model includes a Full Control trigger gun, Vario Spray lance, Dirt Blaster spray lance, 3-in-1 Stone cleaner and T450 patio cleaner. The K7 is the ideal product for tacking the toughest of outdoor cleaning needs.

RRP:  £569.99

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