New manufacturer, TR Lane Motorsport run by Tim Lane has launched their new Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar called the Retro based on Mazda MX-5.

The company is located in Gloucestershire (on the same business estate as Formula 27 used to be on, in fact) and have for many years focused on fabrication work such as rollcages and catch tanks.

Tim previously built himself a Champion era Locost using Ford Escort Mk2 parts and from that moment decided that he’d like to manufacture his own vehicle, hence the Retro, which shares a few visual similarities with the Locost but under the skin is much More >


Mini Spares reckon that owners of A-series powered cars should junk those unreliable contact breakers and get into the digital age with their new pre-programmed electronic ignition distributors.

Each distributor comes manufactured in an original housing, and are available for 23/25d, 43/45d and 59d distributors, both with and without vacuum advance.

They come pre-programmed with 16 different curves, and can be easily adjusted using a screwdriver to the one most suitable for your engine. A flashing LED under the distributor cap lets you know which map you have selected.

The range consists of:

C-27H7710 23/25d distributor with vacuum advance (Pre A+ optimised engines)

C-27H7711 23/25d More >


Jenvey’s contactless TPS280DP throttle position sensor has been specially produced for them by Penny + Giles, the world’s leading precision sensing developers.

The sensor features a D-shaft that is compatible with all Jenvey throttle bodies and has a tested life of more than 60 million operations – more than 18 times longer than an equivalent potentiometer.

The TPS280DP is mechanically interchangeable with most existing throttle potentiometers using 32mm mounting centres, and is designed to interface with most common throttle body D type spindles.

It is available with 200mm or 500mm cable lengths and can be specified with or without a MSS4P Mini Sure More >


Hot rods and street machines of the sixties and seventies just have to have chrome pancake air filters, without them the image isn’t quite complete, but what if you are running Weber DFA or DFEV carbs?

Well thanks to Webcon, you can now have the ‘right’ style of air filter because the Surrey-based company has introduced a 2½in tall, 9in diameter air filter with the traditional ‘Hot Rod’ styling.

The filter is easy to install and comes complete with a cork gasket and the filter element is a modern fluted item, which can be easily removed by means of the classic three-spoked More >


We all know about the parasitic drag that cooling fans place on an engine, which is why most engines now have an electric fan. Australian company, Davies Craig now takes the concept one step further and produces electric-powered water pumps.

The pump is universal and fits most cars by mounting in the bottom radiator hose. For ease of installation, the original water pump is often retained with the impellor removed along with the thermostat.

An electric water pump provides several benefits. It improves cooling control and capacity while giving you more engine power and improved fuel economy.

The pump can be installed to More >


As a perfect partner to their new pipe bending tool, Viper Performance also has a new pipe flaring tool designed to make perfect 37-degree flares for hard brake and clutch lines or fuel pipes. The tool is also perfect for hard line style JIC AN fittings.

This tool may be aimed at the DIY, home mechanic market but it doesn’t skimp on quality, durability or capability and it’s quite capable of working for its keep in a professional garage.

The tool is made from quality 6063 T6 alloy with hard chrome cones. It will roll the smoothest flares and automatically de-burr the More >


With winter weather on the way (it says here! – ed), make sure you’ve got the essential kit to keep you safe and on the road during any cold snap.

Saxon is a distributor of well-known car care and accessory brands in the UK, like SONAX, Sakura, Metro, Slime, Stop-Lock, CTEK, LITTLE TREES® and Sub-Zero Ice has launched a range of products to ensure road users can keep their cars and their feet, on the road whatever the weather! The essential kit for your car boot includes:

Snow brush with detachable ice scraper, RRP £1.99 – This handy winter helper from Sakura More >


Piper can offer camshafts for a huge range of applications, but once in a while they get requests for something that isn’t in their current line-up.

No matter, Piper can also offer a bespoke camshaft service to produce components to match customers’ needs. This service is ideal for race engine builders, historic and classic restorers and situations where new components and mapping have to be taken into account, such as when adding forced induction.

Piper already has a huge database of profiles and in many cases may already have the answer in their system. Prices start at just £25 for the profile calculation More >


A colder and more dense fuel/air mixture burns more efficiently and produces more power and better performance. That’s why a high flow air filter and a cold air intake are the first tuning mods most people make, to cool the air charge. Now DEI has devised a way to cool the fuel element of the charge too.

The new CryO2 Fuel Chiller System uses the cryogenic properties of liquid CO2 to charge a series of internal cryogenic chambers surrounding the centre ‘fuel’ chamber. As the fuel passes through the centre chamber, the cryogenic-charged chambers super cool the fuel by thermal transfer, More >


Facom, the European leader in roller cabinets and storage units for workshops, is launching a new range of workbenches to complete its high quality Jet+ range.

The new workbenches are built for longevity. They come with a robust 40mm thick, beech plywood worktop which has been treated with linseed oil, making it resistant to liquid damage and easier to maintain. The drawers and frame are built from 12/10 mm and 15/10 mm sheet metal.

The workbenches also offer great storage capacity. They come with one or two blocks of six drawers and each drawer can carry a total of 50kg. They also feature a 100 percent opening drawer system for complete access and More >