Versatility is synonymous with Kamasa and this is demonstrated with their new Hobby Knife Set (part no: 56047), which offers twelve blades, each with a different profile, plus two scribers.

The blades positively twist and lock into the soft grip handle and the range of blades is suitable for straight-cutting or more intricate detail work.

The blades are kept secure on a magnetic bar mounted within the sturdy storage case.

Exceptional value and available now for a typical price of £9.28 but check your local Kamasa stockist for the best prices and special offers.

Further details from ENDS.

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Mac Tools has introduced the Precision Torque SCLM5XLPT – a set of five combination spanners (26, 27, 28, 30, 32mm) packed with features designed to increase efficiency and to reduce stress.

The combination spanner has been around since the early part of the 20th century. Naturally, some improvements have been made over the years, but Mac Tools has gone back to the drawing board with this essential tool to come up with an innovative design that offers a notably enhanced experience during use.

Comfort and strength have been addressed with the introduction of the new revolutionary I-beam cross section design which makes More >


Facom has introduced a new range of ergonomically designed dead-blow hammers and drift pins. These mallets help minimise damage to the struck surface and control striking force with minimal rebound.

The hammer’s head and the drift’s body are filled with steel shot which practically eliminates the rebound when striking a surface.

The hammers include the 216 range which are one piece dead blow mallets and the 212A range which have interchangeable tips.

The 216 monobloc dead-blow hammers are built from steel entirely encapsulated in polyurethane. This safety feature makes it impossible for the head to break off and the steel shot to spill on the workshop floor. What’s more, polyurethane is highly resistant to chemicals which More >


Fit shiny, new alloy wheels on your car, and on average they get damaged and scuffed within three months, according to Saxon Brands although their new Rimblades may offer a good solution.

Expertly designed, manufactured and produced in the UK, they offer unrivalled performance in protecting rims and covering up existing marks, while being great value and a refreshingly simple DIY product – meaning no need to pay for or organise fitting on top.

Fitting Rimblades – which have an RRP of only £39.99 – takes, on average, 30 minutes and involves following straight forward instruction to fit a flexible TPV rubber More >


Hereford-based Raw Striker Ltd, who make the wonderful Striker, Phoenix and Fulcrum announced the launch of their new online shop selling kitcar components, which aren’t just for their own cars.

Raw prides itself on producing the Striker, one of the most successful kitcars in motorsport and they can now offers online parts sales through a dedicated shop to build on the eBay auctions that have been available from Raw for some time.

“We are pleased to offer this service, which is a natural progression of the walk in parts store we have always run for our customers. We hope this new shop More >



I’m a big admirer of the art of the hot rodder, and the work of Nick Butler, Mickey Bray, Bryan Godber and Ray ‘The Rodfather’ Christopher really put the UK on the map as far as Custom Cars and drag racing were concerned.

Cast your eyes on the beauty pictured here. It’s a chopped and channelled 32 Ford Pick-Up and recently won coveted top car of the show at the well-known Chimay Hot Rod bash in Belgium.

It’s the work of John Wilcox, of Penguin Speed Shop and is quite simply staggering featuring the very best of everything from paint More >


You’ve probably noticed how your engine runs better on a cool evening than on a hot day.

That’s because the air in the intake charge is cooler and more dense thus introducing more oxygen into the engine for a better and more complete burn. This in turn makes the performance livelier and increases horsepower.

Traditionally tuners used a cold air intake to draw air from outside the warm engine bay, but now DEI has come up with a new way to improve on this by using liquid carbon dioxide to physically cool the intake as well.

A patented aerodynamic bulb containing a cryogenic More >


Gas discharge bulbs, also known as High Intensity Discharge Bulbs (HID)  produce a crisp, bright-white light. While this technology has been around for some time, it has tended to be reserved for use on high specification car models.

This has driven a trend by other motorists that wish to replace their car’s yellow looking bulbs with bulbs that replicate the HID look without upgrading their vehicle lighting system.

To meet this demand Ring has produced the XenonLook range of headlamp bulbs, which produce a higher ‘kelvin’ colour temperature that results in a whiter headlight colour.

Ring Automotive’s Associate Director Marketing Caroline Harding said: More >


Winter tyres are becoming increasingly popular for those who wish to keep moving during the dreary, icy and snowy months to come. Irritatingly, often the process of swapping over your summer tyres while keeping your original wheels is long-winded, time consuming and unnecessary, plus steels are a bit dull aren’t they?

Wheels n Things have found a solution to this problem, and for winter 2012, release a series of awesome, personalised and TuV approved coloured steels, available in any hue you desire from 13in all the way to 17in, available on their own or wrapped in a range of winter tyre More >


Mini Spares High Capacity Water Pumps were designed for overseas use where it’s often warmer than the UK.

These higher capacity pumps move more coolant than the stock ones and are of better quality.

They have a much larger impeller that sticks into the block slightly more than the usual ½in and is made from cast iron, rather than stamped steel as with many aftermarket pumps.

This water pump will fit all 1275cc blocks and most 998/1098 from 1969-on.

The use of a high capacity water pump helps to reduce cavitation in the water jacket, particularly at high RPM, as well as circulating a More >