Great to see the ‘new’ Aries Motorsport at last weekend’s Autosport International show.

Late last year they acquired the former STM Motorsport Loco project sold under the Aries Motorsport banner, which had kept a low profile for several years, and re-located it lock, stock and barrel to their base in Cardiff.

The company, run by mechanical engineer, Phil Edwards and his partner, Bethun Halvey and after a period of evaluation they are almost ready to begin supplying kits and spares once more. Phil was originally an Aries customer, and last summer while at a trackday, took the front corner off his car.

Aries More >


Polaris Industries is well-known for a variety of recreational vehicles including snowmobiles and ATVs, while the company, founded way back in 1954 by brothers, Edgar and Allen Hetteen and David Johnson, also owns Aixam, Indian Motorcycles and Victory Motorcycles.

News this week that their bonkers three-wheeler, the Slingshot®, is now available in the UK and a close look at a couple on display at last weekend’s Autosport International show reveals a very nicely built vehicle that has plenty of shove.

Based around a steel spaceframe, Polaris describes the Slingshot® as a three-wheeled motorcycle and although it’s not a ‘leaning trike’ it does More >


Jenvey Dynamics Ltd has introduced two innovative new product ranges, unveiled at last weekend’s Autosport International show.

TU45, an enhanced version of Jenvey’s most popular throttle bodies, is the first release from the new ‘Ultra-Light’ range, which benefits from a 43 per cent weight reduction compared to the original TB45. The company has also unveiled its new bespoke profiled butterfly valve intake system, which is port-matched to the customer’s specific engine and feature a profiled throttle plate that significantly improves air flow and engine performance.

“Jenvey’s new product announcements maintain our reputation for innovation and demonstrate our commitment to providing customers with More >


Cleaning and proofing the interior plastic and wood surfaces of your car can do a lot to improve the overall look of the interior of it. Dirty, grubby fascias will make a vehicle look old and tired. We look at the dashboard more than any other area in the car, so it makes sense then that we should give it some special attention.

Renovo Interior Ultra Proofer is very simple to apply and the new and unique formulation not only cleans and proofs; it protects with advanced anti-bacterial guard, is effective against superbugs and contains a UV inhibitor.

Renovo’s Interior Ultra Proofer More >


Mini Spares is dedicated to providing parts to keep Mini-based kitcars on the road – or track – while doing so at a sensible price.

It has now introduced its own version of the front mounting trunnions for the 1976-on rear subframe. The Mini Spares part is distinguished by the ‘MS’ suffix on the 21A2558MS part number and retails at just £15.30 inc VAT as opposed to the price of the identical-looking genuine part, which can cost more than twice as much!

This larger trunnion was used from 1976 onwards on the front of the rear subframe and requires only two rubber More >


Every toolbox needs a decent set of circlip pliers and this new range from Laser Tools fits the bill nicely. Designed to permit easy, safe and positive removal and insertion or circlips on machinery and equipment, straight jaws are used where access is easy and the bent jaw versions where access is restricted.

There are four in the range, all manufactured to DIN standard 5256 and all 175mm in length with a jaw width of 19mm-60mm:

Part number 6156: straight jaws for internal circlips.

Part number 6157: bent jaws for internal circlips.

Part number 6158: straight jaws for external circlips.

Part number 6159: bent jaws More >


Of course, the secret of a perfect spray job lies in the preparation and to ensure every job is perfect Foliatec has now released its own range of accessories for use with its Carbody Spray Film.

First, cover all surfaces that are not to be sprayed using the Foliatec Special Mask Tape and the Fine Line Tape for long straight lines, curves and details. Use Easy Up Tape to loosen and fix seals.

Then use the specially developed Carbody Spray Film Pre-cleaner to remove grease, wax and oily residues. Spray it on all over the car and wipe it off with the More >


The B-G Racing Quick Release system allows for fast and easy removal of a steering wheel from the column, making it much easier to get in and out of any racecar (and also makes an excellent anti-theft device when the vehicle is left unattended).

A master spline positioned dead-centre allows the use of the steering wheel as a reference point, ensuring perfect re-alignment every time.

Finished in black anodising and bright yellow powdercoating, this racing quick release system fully conforms to the latest FIA technical specifications. The system is manufactured from high quality aircraft grade aluminium with a hard anodised inner splined More >


Enthusiasts seeking a balance of pure performance and affordability from every driving experience now have a fresh alternative from manufacturer Avatar. The Devon-based track and race division of Marlin Sports Cars has developed the 250bhp 2-litre Ford Ecoboost-engined Roadster to offer road and trackday enthusiasts a responsive, involving, lightweight car that offers plenty of scope to adjust and upgrade during ownership.

The car made its public debut at The Performance Car Show at the NEC this week alongside sister show Autosport International.

Eschewing the handling and styling compromises of transverse mounting the Ford 2-litre engine behind the driver, Avatar’s engineers mandated the More >


Caterham Cars has introduced the ‘S’ Pack and the wider-bodied S5 chassis as options for the fastest road car it has ever produced, the 620R.

The new Seven 620S is the mildly saner, more road-oriented sibling of the ballistic 620R and features comforts such as a full windscreen, hood and side-screens, as well as leather seats.

For the first time, the Seven 620 can also now be specified with the wide-bodied S5 chassis as an option costing £2500. This version is wider and longer than the standard S3 chassis, providing an experience better suited for more generously-proportioned customers, with other benefits including More >

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