A must-have tool for quickly and safely releasing rusted or corroded parts

The innovative and easy-to-use Mini-Ductor II™ (MD-800) handheld tool, from US company, Induction International, is one of the most effective and innovative automotive repair and garage tools around.

It uses high frequency magnetic fields that create Invisible Heat® to heat parts in seconds, for quick release of corroded and bonded hardware, frozen nuts and bolts, O2 sensors, track rod ends, bearings, pulleys and other hardware that is rusted/thread-locked into place.

The tool has been specifically engineered for the UK-market with 230v, 1kw of power, is fully CE certificated and offers a safer, More >


“We may be a small voice now, but we’re on our way to engineering a decent set of lungs,” said Tony Fernandes, Caterham Group co-Chairman, as he outlined his ambitions for Caterham Cars, recently.

Speaking at the launch of Caterham’s first new ultra-performance model, the AeroSeven Concept, Fernandes was sharing his vision for the brand.

“Caterham will show itself to be a progressive, open and entrepreneurially-powered car brand that will deliver and surprise in equal measure.

“It has been a British institution for the last 40-years, and automotive secret in many ways, but in the very near future, the Caterham name will sit More >


In addition to making the bonkers (but good) Furore F1, Russ Bost, also has a good eye for a cool component and accessory and his new GPS speedo is going to be popular, I reckon.

Favoured by driving instructors, the GPS speedo is also ideal for kitcar use as it is ultra accurate and superb for trackdays, although if like many of us, you’ve messed around with wheel sizes and haven’t er, got round to recalibrating your speedo this is ideal and updates every second and is a bargain at just £79.95.

More information on this one from ENDS.

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Worryingly early Christmas talk this week! Dremel’s new kits bring the opportunity to gift the fun of handicraft to the family in two very different presents.

The Dremel 3000 Multitool Project Kit consists of a Dremel 3000 multi-tool, 45 accessories, four attachments including the Flexshaft, the Shaping Platform, Detailer’s Grip and the Comfort Guard – and all the materials required to make a wooden car with the kids over the Christmas holiday.

Once Christmas is over, the Dremel 3000 will allow you to pursue your own projects all year round, especially those requiring an eye for detail, such as, precision grinding, sanding, More >


Does your Christmas list include someone who loves to cruise around in their car? Tour the country in a camper van? Go off-roading in their 4×4? Pimp their ride? Or do they just enjoy keeping their vehicle dirt-free and gleaming? If so, high performance car care product retailer Spautopia has the perfect selection of gifts for you this Christmas!

Spautopia is the UK’s largest stockist of Scholl Concepts – the world-renowned German company whose products are used by top professional car detailers around the globe. The top quality range includes waxes, polishes, drying towels, shampoos, leather care products, interior dressings and More >


Facom has launched a new 3/4in version of its best-selling dust-proof ratchet.

A good quality socket set is an essential part of any tool-kit. Facom’s new KL.500PB (six-point sockets) and KL.501PB (12-point sockets) 3/4 inch socket sets are perfect for heavy-duty applications where high torque needs to be applied.

The new ratchet has been designed to offer the ultimate in control and reliability. Its double-sealed, dust-proof head ensures that liquid and dust contaminants cannot penetrate the market-leading 120-tooth mechanism. With this number of teeth and a 3° working arc, total precision and outstanding control are assured. The compact 52 mm head increases More >


Revolution Motorstore has three of their top-selling products on special offer this Autumn, which includes 15 per cent off the full range of Cobra sports seats, Team Dynamics ProRace 1.2 wheels and premium Yokohama and Vredestein tyres alongside either free fitting and four-wheel Hunter alignment.

For one month only all customers, online and in-store, the offer includes the entire Cobra range, which includes the Cobra Aqua, Classic GT, CS, RS and RSR seats, the Daytona Sport and the popular Cup, all available in a range of colours and trims from leather to suede and Alcantara.

Next up, for those wishing to upgrade More >


Large unexpected bills can put people under enormous monetary strain, let alone those nasty surprises that crop up from time to time, such as costly car repairs.

The makers of Steel Seal, a simple, award-winning product that the maker’s claim repairs head gaskets swiftly and cheaply, can reduce or eliminate hefty garage repair bills when things go wrong (we’re going to try this stuff out on a project car in the near future. We’ll report back…).

The product sells for £39.99, with the average repair bill for a blown head gasket reaching £700, it’s no wonder that is a tempting alternative, for More >


Hands-up. Who remembers the Veranti project? It first saw the light of day in early 2004 and came from the crayon-set of John Barlow, a gifted designer, but one more usually associated with more traditional style vehicles.

The Veranti was, and remains the most cohesive body conversion based on Toyota MR2 Mk2 that didn’t replicate something and remains a visually pleasing design. We’d guess that around 100 examples (mostly convertible, with a few coupés) were sold.

When John set-up Imperial Motor Company, the Veranti took a backseat, but I remember him telling me some years ago: “I wanted to create an original More >


There are certain tools and handy accessories that every kitcar enthusiast should keep in their toolbox or on the garage shelf. Real essentials.

One of these, is Contralube 770 a superb weatherproofing and corrosion protector for power and data connections, little areas where water gets in and can cause damage or where circuits have arc-ed out.

The silicone-free product has recently been improved further and is recommended for multi-pin, bullet, spade and any other type of push-fit-type connectors, and is fully synthetic so you won’t have to worry about it evaporating.

I first used it on my old BMW 3-Series (E46) that suffered More >