A brilliant product that I’ve had first-hand experience of is Evans Waterless Coolant, which originates in America but is now available in the UK and Europe.

The company initially concentrated on the classic car market, naturally enough but its relevance to our industry is obvious with the coolant protecting engine cooling systems from -40°C to 180°C with its unique properties preventing many of the problems associated with water-based coolants such as corrosion and overheating (it won’t boil over).

To find out more about Evans Waterless Coolant visit www.evanscoolants.co.uk or 01792 572 299 ENDS.


New company Kit2Kar will happily powdercoat one-off and small jobs for you

A new company making their kitcar show debut at Exeter last weekend was Kit2Kar who are offering a very innovative powdercoating service to enthusiasts.

There’s nothing unusual in that, of course, in recent years powdercoating has become very popular giving a superb finish to larger metal components such as chassis and/or wishbones, although where Kit2Kar differ is that they will happily coat one-off or small parts for you, the sort of items that the bigger companies won’t want to do unless batch sizes are in three figures.

Therefore, if you fancy More >


With colder days and harsh weather you really need to protect your vehicle from the worst ravages of road salt and winter grime. Extreme Elements from BRITEMAX is a highly durable and versatile resin cream sealant, which protects your paintwork against acid rain, birdlime and salt water.

Extreme Elements seals with optical clarity and adds a deep shine and warmth to painted finishes and provides un-paralleled levels of durability and UV protection to car bodywork, wheels, glass and polished metals.

Even better, the more Extreme Elements layers you add to a car’s paintwork, the deeper the shine…

BX115-16       473ml (16oz)

BX115-G        3.78 Litres (1 US More >


Viper Performance is now offering a comprehensive selection of very high quality fuel system products by leading American producer, Aeromotive.

The range includes fuel pumps, filters and regulators, mounting brackets and fuel rails and are a perfect match to complement Viper Performance’s own range and quality.

Viper Performance is able to supply all of the Aeromotive product range. Buying from UK directly, means no import duty and expensive shipping to pay, thus saving money and time.

Order from the Viper Performance website clicking on the ‘Fuel Pumps, Regulators, Brackets & Associated Parts’ link.

Prices for each component as follows:

Fuel regulators from £103.21, fuel pumps More >


As the massive SEMA show prepares to open in Las Vegas, leading thermal and acoustic control experts, DEI has released their 2013 BOOM MAT catalogue, which contains details of their various heat and sound barrier products along with useful hints on sound-proofing and temperature control.

You can download their 2013 catalogue without cost by going to:

www.designengineering.com/files/pdfs/catalog/2013_boommat_catalog.pdf or of course, UK distributors, Nimbus Motorsport will have the information you need via www.nimbusmotorsport.co.uk or 01377 236 170 ENDS.


Greenwood Exhibitions, one of the best known names in the classic car world, has changed branding to differentiate itself from similarly named businesses and to separate static shows from organised runs.

GE Exhibitions annual London-to-Brighton run is a popular summer event with kitcar enthusiasts

‘GE Classic Motor Events’, with its hugely popular London-to-Brighton runs will cater for enthusiasts who like to ‘GO’. Meanwhile, ‘Gemini Events’ is for owners who like to ‘SHOW’ and will organise the calendar of new and established classic motor shows across the south-east of the England. Gemini Events defines ‘classics’ as vehicles over 25-years old but newer kit, More >


Very basic mock-up of the new Tribute D-Type replica to be unveiled at Exeter show...

Chris and Dan at Tribute Automotive don’t mess around. They are already onto project number four (with the FIFTH waiting in the wings, apparently!) and will debut a mock-up of their all-new Triumph Spitfire-based, D-TYPE replica at Exeter this weekend…

More details NEXT week in NEWS….

More information on all things Tribute via www.tributeautomotive.com or  07901 544 241 ENDS.


Torbay Motor Club member Andy Cawsey with his self-built Westfield – seen here at Sawbench hairpin, Wiscombe Park hillclimb. in September 2012.

Torbay Motor Club will be exhibiting for the first time at the Exeter Kit Car Show, this weekend at the Westpoint Arena, Exeter.

On display will be a Westfield hillclimb and sprint car built and campaigned in the South West’s many speed events by its owner Andy Cawsey from Westward Ho!  A Torbay Motor Club member for many years, Andy has racked up a massive haul of 78 trophies since building the 2-litre machine in 2002, frequently finishing in the More >


Viper’s new aluminium extruded tubing is ideal for making DIY hard, brake and clutch lines and is available in natural colour or smartly anodised in gloss black for an extra special look.

5/16in OD tube is supplied in four metre coils with part number AL COIL4M-5/16″ and a retail price of £19.16 inc VAT per coil.

For more details call 0845 095 3423 or www.viper-performance.co.uk ENDS.


The world’s largest car wax has been created to mark the fifth anniversary of specialist car wax manufacturer, Dodo Juice.

Weighing over 24kg and standing almost half a metre tall, ‘Dodo Juice Millennium’ contains 20-litres of premium carnauba wax, hand poured over a period of 12 months. “Every time we poured a wax, we siphoned a little off for Millennium” explained Dom Colbeck from Dodo Juice.

“The result is the largest jar of wax in the world, representing every recipe that we make… as can be seen by the multi-coloured layers.”

Just 5ml of Dodo Juice wax can coat a small car, giving it More >