Heat control experts, Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), has now produced a new version of their popular Protect-A-Boot spark plug protectors. The sleeves provide thermal protection for highly angled, oversized and rigid spark plug boots.

Why do spark plugs need thermal protection?

Excessive heat generated from an engine block, exhaust system or turbocharger can easily affect a vehicle’s ignition system. Spark plug leads and boots can harden, burn or crack, leading to arching, engine misfire or even complete ignition system failure. DEI has produced thermal protection boots for spark plugs for many years, but the new sleeves are pliable to enable them to More >


MiniSpares can now offer a new replacement fuel pump for the Mini SPi engine, which is very similar, but not identical to the original and requires a small wiring modification to fit – but it does cost half that of a replacement original unit.

Order as WFX100811 at £84 inc VAT with more details available from 01707 607 700 or from their website at ENDS.


I recently paid a visit to Furore Cars, in South Benfleet, the company run by Russ Bost.

The tandem-seat, Formula 1™ car lookalike certainly attracts attention, as I discovered on the way to our photoshoot and by the time we arrived there we had motorcyclists, van drivers and a host of other motorists tagged-on behind.

It’s not just looks that make it stand out however, as in action, it’s a very capable vehicle based on Toyota MR2 mechanicals and you can opt to use the 4A-GE engine from the donor or for the ultimate ‘hit’ the Kawasaki ZZR-1400 (aka ZX-14), which not More >


AWS Ltd, who acquired the Bramwith range of traditional limousines and commercials in late 2010 have kept a low-profile but have been busy re-engineering the chassis’ to accept BMW E-36 mechanicals and have also modified the current range to feature the all-new Branford model in Elite and Classic Landaulet guises.

Not currently available in kit form, the Classic can accept the BMW’s four-cylinder engines, while the Elite enables fitment of the glorious six cylinder units.

AWS boss, John Ford told me: “All BMW parts are completely stripped and refurbished and once IVA’d the vehicles attract a current year ‘new’ registration number and More >


It’s no secret that I am bit obsessive when it comes to car detailing. A range of products I regularly use for a multitude of tasks on the cars and around the home, hails from German brand, SONAX, endorsed by the McLaren F1™ team.

Distributed in the UK by Saxon Brands, Sonax produces products for inside and outside the car, from polish to dash cleaner and it really is a dizzying range, full of quality and affordable items.

Find out more from or 01488 689 400 ENDS.


A serviced tyre is a happy tyre! As the only contact a car has with the road, tyres are perhaps the most critical factor in road safety and they are also a big investment, so it is worthwhile getting the most from them.

With this in mind, Vintage Tyres has created this unique tyre service kit as part of their fiftieth anniversary celebrations. The kit contains all you need to help keep your car or motorcycle tyres in top condition; a traditional analogue gauge calibrated from 0 to 100 psi, together with a tread depth gauge, valve cleaner and chrome valve More >


Go-ahead car care company Saxon who have lots of brands within their portfolio regularly used by totalkitcar reads no doubt including Hycote, Stoplock, Varta and Bell, among others, have recently expanded their Sakura range of handy products from car cleaning to security including a fiendishly clever range of extending brushes with a selection of ends to reach any job and more importantly use the correct fitment to suit the application from wheel cleaning to window washing. All fit the end of standard hosepipes and/or jet washing machines…

Best bit of all are the value for money pricing…

More from or 01488 689 More >


Facom introduces two new additions to its impact wrench range: the 3/8in drive NJ.3000F, and the NS.2000F, a compact version of its NS.3000F ½in impact wrench, dubbed the most powerful impact wrench on the market.

The NJ.3000F packs a mighty punch for its size, producing 525lb/ft (712Nm) of torque, dwarfing its nearest competitors by a considerable margin. Vibration levels are also well below those of its rivals. The NJ.3000F was developed by the brand’s global product team to include the market-leading features of the larger NS.3000F ½in impact wrench. It boasts the same feather touch throttle and over-moulded grip for maximum operator control, as well as one-hand power adjustment and reverse system. More >


Faversham-based, Equinox Products are artisans of glassfibre making all manner of things out of the material, from garden ornaments to shop fronts in addition to bodies for Sports 2000 racing cars.

A recent addition to their line-up recently has been a 10-piece bodywork set to suit the Haynes Roadster, in one of nine standard RAL colours although a custom colour (as long as its one of the thousands of RAL hues) is available at a slight premium.

The complement the main body package Equinox has also produced a sculptured dash-panel, a boot box and an aero screen and all facets of the More >


Dave Ainsworth of Dampertech is well-known for supplying a large range of dampers to the kit and specialist car market over the years and is currently purveying GAZ products to our market.

However, he is about to launch his own range of dampers to the market tentatively known as FGD, which are lightweight, UK-made high quality items, for those wanting an upgrade without the possible five grand bill. Although FGD prices have yet to be finalised, you should expect a figure around the £250 per corner mark.

The kitcar market is lucky to be catered for by a wide array of top-notch More >