DEI’s EXO Series Exhaust and Pipe Wrap provides superior heat protection and insulation for pipes and exhausts repeatedly exposed to abrasive or high impact environmental conditions.

Whether it’s hillclimbing, rallying, autocross, off-roading or dirt track racing, the EXO Series thermal wrap is the most durable and rugged wrap on the market, the maker’s claim.

Uniquely constructed with a dual-layer design of high temperature glassfibre encased in a 304 grade stainless steel exo-skeleton, this wrap provides durability and superior heat protection. The construction creates an air-gap between the wrap and the pipe for additional cooling and allows the product to overlap and lock More >


This new adaptor from BG Racing, will allow users to fit classic Mountney or Moto-Lita steering wheels with the larger 9 x 100 and 6 x 101mm PCD to a Momo hub kit or any other kit with a 6 x 70 or 6 x 74mm bolt pattern.

The elegant, compact design will bring the steering wheel 10mm closer to the driver and allows for a centre-ring and horn button to fit neatly and securely thereby providing a tidy flush finish.

This is the perfect companion for those wanting to utilise a classic steering wheel with a modern hub.

It comes pre-drilled with More >


New from Rally Design is this new HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSION SUPPORT JACK that will be of immense use when removing/fitting a gearbox or an axle. A four-post lift is great, but if you’ve ever tried to struggle doing it without a jack, then you’ll know that this jack will earn its keep very quickly.

With a minimum height of 1.1m it extends to 1.9m and when performing a variety of jobs it’ll be a real help – wearing part number SWE035 it costs £69.12 inc VAT and is available now from or 01227 792 792 ENDS.


Lauded as one of the finest handling mass-market cars of all time, the Mazda MX-5 was nothing short of a revelation when launched onto an unsuspecting public a little over a quarter of a century ago. Now one of the darlings of both the tuned and track car communities, the MX-5 is well supplied by the aftermarket, though V-Maxx’s latest Big Brake offering is certainly one of the most complete offerings currently available, and one that will fit both Mk1 (NA) and Mk2 (NB) models.

The heart of V-Maxx’s MX-5 Big Brake kit are the calipers, beautifully designed and engineered four-piston More >


New product from Beetle experts, VW Heritage is this new pedal conversion plate.

Solving the eternal problem of welding in fresh floorpans that are designed and produced solely for left-hand drive vehicles, this solid piece of engineering allows you to securely bolt right-hand drive pedal assemblies onto many of the new age ‘pan halves.

Supplied without the bolts welded into place, this kit is compatible with Beetles ranging from 1957 to 1979, Karmann Ghia and the Type 3. The studs can then be placed and welded into the arrangement that best suits your pedal assembly so there’s zero worry about fitment issues.

For More >


Laser Tools has just introduced their Tool Control range, where essential tools are provided in a compact tool tray designed to fit neatly into the tool-chest or roll-cab drawer. Sets include the four-piece Circlip Plier kit (part number 6593), the four-piece Plier kit (part number 6594) and the three-piece Plier and Wrench set (part number 6599).

The circlip plier kit includes two 180mm straight nose pliers, for external and internal circlips, and two bent nose, again external and internal. Excellent quality circlip pliers with plastic dipped handles for comfort and grip.

The four-piece plier kit is a workshop essential; 180mm combination pliers, More >


Great to see Speed 3 Automotive at last Sunday’s Petrol & Pistons event at Croft with their newly-completed MG TF-based silhouette Mini kit. Think Maguire Mini and you’re close…

A date with the IVA-tester is due soon and then the car will be available for test drives and for us to do a feature. I am very impressed with the level of detailing and attention to detail that Steve Milburn and his team have managed here.

Kit prices start with the chassis package at £2850 inc VAT and Steve reckons that a DIY-budget of £8000 should see a car completed, which is More >


Superb fiftieth anniversary celebrations for the Unipower GT last Saturday at Beaulieu where there was a great turnout of surviving examples of the marvelous little car created by Ernie Unger. Luckily the day was blessed with good weather.

Former Unipower racer and spokesman, Gerry Hulford told me: “I remember all those years ago back in the seventies when quite a few Unipower owners used to meet up every month at a pub in Brockham near Dorking. Back then the Unipower seemed very ‘current’ at the time and following numerous years of participation at events such as the classic car shows at Crystal More >


You’d have had to have been living under a rock for the last few years to be unaware of the Toyo Proxes, the Japanese tyre manufacturer’s flagship performance-focused tyre. Indeed, so successful has the Proxes been that it has gone through a number of evolutionary upgrades over the course of its existence, most recently becoming the Proxes R888R, a devastatingly effective bit of rubber that’s proved its worth on roads and race-around the world. This success has encouraged Toyo to expand the R888R range, and from early 2017 it will be available in an even greater selection of sizes.

It’s worth More >


Renovo’s convertible car care range has successfully grown over the past several years with a large database of customers who love to give feedback and ask questions on how best to renovate and care for their soft-tops.

Frequently after a Renovo client has used these soft-top products they will ask if Renovo has products for the interior of their prized possession too. These questions have inspired Renovo to create a range of five new interior care products, so automotive owners can quickly invigorate black leather and black carpets also effectively clean, proof and protect their interior wood and plastics, likewise leather More >

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