Webcon has just announced a new aluminium cylinder head for the MGB. The original cast iron head was heavy and prone to cracking, whereas the Webcon alloy version is exactly

the same as the original in its five-port layout but being made from aluminium it is some 60 per cent lighter and doesn’t have a tendency to crack.

Being the same in all other respects means that customers can use their old valves or stock replacements, torque the head up to the same values and use the original head gaskets as recommended for the cast iron head.

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This useful new workshop lamp from Laser Tools (part no. 5482) has a host of features that make it suitable for the professional workplace as well as home use.

With a built in lithium ion battery it is rechargeable from both mains and 12v power sources and lasts up to two hours between charges. CE approved and waterproof to the international IP66 standard, it features a strong polycarbonate casing and lens and is rated with a super long life of 50,000 hours.

The three watt light source is three times brighter than normal LEDs and gives an exceptional spread of light ideal More >


Facom, Europe’s leading hand tool manufacturer, is extending its range of 181A multi-grip pliers.

The 181A standard and long-nose multi-grip pliers have a reduced slip joint width which not only gives technicians better accessibility to hard-to-reach parts but also provides the pliers with greater strength and resistance to flexing. They have been reduced in weight by almost 10 per cent compared to previous models, greatly reducing user fatigue.

The pliers are fitted with a pivot pin that allows technicians to adjust handle travel to suit the size of their hand easily and quickly. This means that more force can be applied with More >


Mussett Technology Group and Geoff Page Racing had a large stand at Autosport International last week where they launched two new engines they’ve co-developed.

Among their display was a particularly fine Cosworth YB and a fiendishly clever bike-derived unit called the MR-1500T, a four-cylinder turbo with aluminium crankcase based around a Suzuki Hayabusa cylinder head with Mussett’s own cast block and composite rocker covers and manifold and the turbocharged 1500cc unit produces 500bhp at 1.7-bar. What’s more the engine can be bolted directly to the vehicle’s bulkhead, thus aiding possible packaging problems.

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The kitcar industry’s favourite range of brake pads made by EBC have a new compound called Orangestuff joining the line-up that includes Greenstuff and Yellowstuff.

The new one is aimed at cars that do heavy track sessions and although safe for road-use is not currently R90-approved.

It features higher heat resistance than Bluestuff and lasts longer but does create a little more dust.

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The Caterham Group’s first exhibition as a united set of companies at this year’s Autosport International Show was a huge success, with the display winning the show’s Best Overall Stand award.

Showcasing, for the first time, the expertise of Caterham’s Composites and Technology & Innovation (CTI) arms alongside the iconic brand’s road and race cars, the display was executed by exhibition and events expert, SO Group.

Alongside the first prototype of the Caterham CK-01 racing kart and various Seven track and road cars, the stand featured Caterham F1 Team’s 2012 F1 car and a selection of engineering projects spearheaded by CTI.

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New 600 Series dampers from Protech Shocks offer a ‘piggyback’ double adjustable set-up with 13-clicks each for bump and rebound.

Handbuilt from quality aluminium and filled with synthetic oil these dampers become the Wiltshire company’s top-of-the-range product priced at £250 each and come with a three-year guarantee…

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Viper has added these useful small alloy tanks to its range of aluminium fabrications.

The tanks are available in anodised black or polished natural aluminium and come with mounting brackets and six outlet/inlet -8 ORB female ports. Unused ports can be blocked off with Viper blanking caps (sold separately).

These tanks can be used in a number of applications such as reservoir tanks, breather tanks, fuel surge tanks (swirl pot) etc and are ideal for the racer and kitcar builder alike.

Viper’s Universal Fabricated Alloy tanks are robotically TIG-welded and come in three sizes…

1.4 Litre – 127x127x100mm – £79 inc VAT

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Two exciting new products from Britemax – Interior Cleaner is formulated to be safe on all interior surfaces yet effective on tough stains including spills, body oils, pet stains, grease and deeply embedded soil in textured vinyl. Use on upholstery, vinyl, rubber, plastic, cloth, carpet, floor mats and smooth auto leather. Interior Cleaner can be used on carpet as often as you like to rejuvenate to a perfect factory finish. A 709ml bottle costs £10.99.

Second new item is Britemax Interior Dressing, which is formulated to give a natural look gloss and protective finish to vinyl, leather and rubber surfaces. For use More >


Uprated Cylinder Head Stud Kits are essential for high performance engine builds. Heavy duty head studs reduce cylinder head movement in high boost or high compression engines optimising cylinder head to block sealing.

Cosworth Ultra High Performance Head Studs are manufactured from H11 tool steel with 240,000+psi tensile strength and come complete with nuts and washers. They are manufactured with hex broach ends for ease of installation. Additionally, genuine Cosworth head studs utilize a base seating feature to evenly distribute maximum load on the stud and not the threads. This feature is typically found only in high level race engines and More >