ATK makes some very nice and very powerful crate engines. They also happen to make some equally nice aluminium cylinder heads that will give your current small block Chevy some added punch.

Cast, CNC-machined, and assembled in the USA, the ATK High Performance Cylinder Heads flow some impressive numbers. For example, with 210cc intake ports, they flow 293cfm on the intake side at .800in of valve lift, and 207cfm on the exhaust side at the same lift figure. That’s enough airflow to feed a small block pushing 600bhp

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TomTom has announced the expansion of its range of TomTom GO navigation devices with the introduction of the TomTom GO 51 and the TomTom GO 61. These new sat navs come with Lifetime World Maps[1] and Lifetime Speed Cameras, meaning that all TomTom GO car GPS devices in the line-up now have Lifetime[2] services, including Lifetime TomTom Traffic.

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The TomTom GO 51 and GO 61 feature a touch screen of 5in or 6in, respectively. Corinne Vigreux, co-founder and managing director, TomTom Consumer said: “At TomTom, we want to take the headache out of driving, and make every journey easier. That’s More >


Custom and limited run paint finishes are back in fashion and the new 8.0x18in Wolfrace Asia-Tec JDM in Satin Black with Red rim is one of several ‘special editions’ recently launched into the Wolfrace wheel programme.

The classic ‘Japanese style’ Wolfrace Asia-Tec JDM has been a big favourite in the standard gun metal or satin black colours for nearly ten years, the simple six spoke design is at home on all types of vehicles. This special edition JDM is currently available in size 8.0x18in for vehicles with a 5×108 PCD – there are plans to introduce more vehicle fitments in 2016. More >


Caterham Cars made its debut at the Regent Street Motor Show this year. For several years, Caterham has sadly never been a ‘cars on carpet’ exhibitor at shows and it approached this event no differently.

Instead of simply displaying a car on the iconic London street, Caterham showcased its appeal as a car you can build as a kit at home by staging a live build of one of its legendary Sevens.

The challenge was that the one-day event meant that Caterham had to be in and out of its spot on Regent Street by 5pm, so the part-built car needed to More >


The alloy artisans at Forge Motorsport have raised the bar with another British designed, developed and manufactured component. The Gloucester-based concern’s all-new and improved external wastegate sets unseen standards of fit, finish and function for the industry and is suitable for all high-performance forced induction cars.

Among the many notable design features, one of the most impressive is the use of a piston-actuated mechanism, rather than the more common, and less durable, diaphragm type. This product has been designed from the outset to cope with the rigours of high-level motorsport, being able to withstand large horsepower, boost and temperature figures for More >


Transporting luggage, furniture or other items on the road can prove to be a hazardous task, particularly if you’re travelling with items outside of the vehicle, in a van or lorry.

Ring has engineered a new solution with its Ratchet Tie Down Systems, a complete, easy and intelligent way to secure your loads.

If there are anchor points to secure the ends of the strapping to, you will need a ratchet tie down with S hooks, (RLS12). The type of ratchet strap you will need however is determined by the shape/size of the object and where/what you will be securing the end More >


Car care manufacturers Dodo Juice has won numerous awards and group tests for the performance of their products, but the luscious scents associated with their range have arguably contributed to their success in the specialist car care sector.

Now, due to demand from customers and resellers, eleven of the Dodo Juice fragrances are available to buy as specific air fresheners, allowing car owners to enjoy the scents whenever they want – not just when detailing.

“When we attended our first show in 2008, we waxed an orange Porsche GT3 with Orange Crush wax and we had people stopping and asking where the More >


Autoglym has released a new one-step paint renovator, which produces outstanding results in half the time. Leading car care company Autoglym has launched Rapid Renovator, a ground-breaking new professional product that revives dull and washed out paintwork in under an hour.

The machine polishing compound quickly removes paintwork imperfections to leave an ultra-gloss, as-new finish.

Simon Ruggles, customer marketing manager at Autoglym, said: “Rapid Renovator is something we have been working on for some time and we are absolutely delighted with the finished product. “The product brings back a car’s natural depth of shine, removing paint defects and swirls in a simple More >


Ever-keen to give their customers precisely what they desire, the talented needle-and-thread meisters at Cobra Seats in Telford will stop at nothing to create a unique masterpiece.

Exhibit ‘A’ is shown here as a great example of what this clandestine division of Cobra Seats can produce. Tucked away in the dark recesses of Cobra’s R&D department (just past the photocopier and left at the canteen) literally anything is possible in terms of seat design. Well, actually, that’s not strictly true. If you come in asking for something in pink vinyl with green spots, you’ll doubtless be politely asked to leave the More >


Although the Laser range is renowned for supplying specialist tools for the automotive market there is always a need for the everyday tools for the workshop. And Laser supply innovative tools that are essential for any workshop, from agricultural and contract, to garage owners and specialist workshops.

The latest range includes very neat magnetic socket racks for holding ¼in drive, 3/8in drive and ½in drive sockets; they feature carrying handles for use around the workshop and magnetic backs for fixing to metal roll cabs or toolboxes. They also fit neatly and securely in the tool drawer. Designed to hold both standard More >