The 2015-16 edition of the Sealey Tool CatalogueTM is imminent. It includes over 8000 products within its 1012 pages. With over 900 new items and 80 more pages than the previous edition there’s sure to be something to interest all enthusiasts.

Sealey strive to bring their customers the very best choice, quality and price in the tool and equipment market and they believe in providing the highest level of customer service, ensuring even the oldest and most loyal tools can continue to work alongside new and innovative models.

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UK-based tuning operation, Tarmac Sportz, has released details of a new product that is bound to be a desirable interior upgrade for many kitcar owners;  in the shape of the BLOX Racing Type-R Shift Knobs in a limited edition Neo Chrome finish.

Each gearknob is CNC-machined from high grade stainless steel billet, before being custom weighted to a palm filling, smooth shifting 450 grams. The teardrop shape has been proven to be highly ergonomic and makes for rapid and comfortable shifts.

It’s not just easy on the palm however; the Neo Chrome finish is also very easy on the eye, changing colour More >


Flat batteries are a pain. They can be due to a lifeless battery, a ‘short’ somewhere or another reason like leaving the lights on. Things get worse when you can’t find an obvious reason for the drain

You can buy a trickle charger – there’s some good ones round – and leave your car connected to the mains, which can be fine if you have a locked garage, but the majority of motorists use on- and off-street parking (especially in London) car parks, and often airports

A great solution that we really have had success with – and undoubtedly an un-discovered gem More >


Caterham’s flagship domestic motor racing series – the Superlight R300 Championship – will enjoy live television coverage this season.

Motors TV will feature live championship races at Silverstone and Brands Hatch in May and August respectively, in addition to its regular highlights package after each round. Highlights will also be shown once again on Channel 4 after each race.

The live races at two of the UK’s most prestigious and historic circuits will coincide with the R300 series’ guest slot on the Avon Tyres British GT Championship package. Motors TV reaches some 31.5 million homes across 42 countries, including the USA.

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Celsus, the European distributor of Dynamat, has revamped their ‘Dynamini’ with the latest and best in noise control so people can experience the difference.

Dynamat Original, launched in 1989, to reduce noise from automotive structural vibration was a thin, flexible, easy-to-mould sheet using a revolutionary extensional damper technique that converted vibration into silent energy.

Since then, Dynamat has been installed into millions of cars. Although it’s been copied, successive improvements mean today’s Dynamat Xtreme is 25 per cent thinner, 50 per cent lighter and up to five times higher in damping efficiency than Dynamat Original.

At just 1.65mm thick, Dynamat is extremely flexible More >


Edelbrock has expanded its LS intake manifold range to include the new Performer RPM LS3 for L92, L76 and LS3 engines.

The intake manifold (part number 71197) is designed for use with Generation IV LS engines equipped with LS3, L92 and L76 rectangular port cylinder heads. The Performer RPM LS3 is ideal for anybody looking to build a carbed LS2 or LS3 engine in the 1500 – 6500 rpm operating range. It features a high-rise, dual-plane design, combined with a plenum that has been optimised for square-bore carburettors maximum power and a broad torque curve. Edelbrock’s advanced casting techniques allowed for More >


Trick Flow doesn’t mess around when it comes to the GM LS engine. Its GenX 260 cylinder head series is the latest salvo in the war for LS7 dominance. The heads use high flow, high velocity CNC Competition Ported runners to deliver all-out flow and performance across the entire power-band.

Trick Flow GenX 260 cylinder heads are cast from A356-T6 aluminum, beefed-up with extra material to make them rigid and strong. Factory ports, valve angles, and locations have been preserved to ensure compatibility with stock valves and pistons. There’s also plenty of clearance for 3/8 inch pushrods and through-deck coolant holes, More >


Winplus, a leading consumer products company specialising in automotive and household products, is delighted to be celebrating the first birthday of YoJello® a fun family of air fresheners.

YoJello® is a truly innovative product that would brighten up any car, home or office with fresh scents. Unlike most other air fresheners, YoJello® has multiple applications and is versatile too – it sticks to most surfaces including glass, tiles, mirrors and dashboards and can be hung from the rearview mirror in the car or anywhere at home or in the office. It can also be removed and re-applied up to three times, More >


It’s true that the kitcar industry is built on shifting sands and naturally evolves with time. What was once considered alien and not part of our scene can easily become in vogue, much like the acceleration in the body conversion kit. They’ve always been available, of course, but of late, there’s a real influx.

Once everyone seemed to be launching a Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar, whereas now, it’s typically a BMW Z3 or Mazda MX-5 that receives the GRP panel treatment. Even MGB ‘rubber-bumper’ owners can now enhance their cars with several companies, including Garry Hutton of RPS, selling bodykit packages.

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Holley EFI Hi-Rise Intake Manifolds are proven power-gainers for V8 engines, but their increased deck height means you need a lot of space to fit one under the bonnet.

For engine builders who want performance but not a huge hood scoop, Holley offers this new Mid-Rise option, which is designed for high-power performance engines. It’s designed for GM LS engines and has an operating range from around 1500 to 6500rpm.

The long runners and tapered cross section make the manifold compatible with a variety of different engine configurations. It includes specialised fuel rails, machined for -8 AN O-rings. The fuel passages are More >