Automotive legends don’t get much bigger than the late Carroll Shelby. A spectacularly accomplished driver, a superb engineer and showman, and one of the greatest visionaries the industry has ever seen.

news_cobra_1To anyone who owns a Mustang or Cobra – in either real or replica forms, the Shelby name means a great deal. Shelby’s magic touch made each of these iconic cars so much better, both visually and dynamically – hence the reason that so many people want their cars to feature a little of the great man’s magic.

Cobra Seats in Telford has released a fully licensed Shelby seat that would be the perfect addition to either car, with each one being painstakingly hand-finished in either leather or vinyl trim around a period-styled tubular frame.

Although the detailing and design look as if they could have been penned by the great man himself, underneath that perfectly stitched exterior sits the very latest frame and padding technology, meaning that these new officially-endorsed Shelby seats are as safe as they are stylish.

It’s most appropriate that Cobra has been chosen by Shelby American to make these seats. As the company’s name suggests, the two iconic brands go back quite some way. These days, the firm is run by Mark Dunsford, but wind the clock back a few years, past his father’s tenure and back to his talented grandfather, and you’ll find the original ‘Mr Dunsford’ carefully hand-finishing the seats for the original AC Cobra the first time around. Funny how history repeats itself, isn’t it?

As the ultimate finishing touch for a Cobra replica or indeed, the real deal, these seats are an absolute essential finishing touch. Available in either vinyl for £330 inc VAT or with a stunning leather face at £636 inc VAT, why sit anywhere else?

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