No matter if you are looking to shed some weight for racing, free-up some space under the bonnet or relocate your battery to the boot for improved weight balance, Odyssey Race Batteries offer a solution.

Burton Power now offers these fully-sealed, spill-proof batteries in several sizes, weights and power outputs from 14Amp/5kg up to 38Amp/12.5kg.

The batteries are fully-sealed and can be safely mounted in the boot, under the rear seat or even laying on their side. They are considerably smaller than conventional batteries although they deliver much more power for their size. They also last significantly longer than lead acid batteries – typically three times as long – and can be fully recharged in just four to six hours.

Odyssey batteries are ruggedly constructed with tightly packed pure lead plates. Pure lead plates means more power the maker’s claim.

The non-spillage, absorbant glass mat design protects against the high impact shock and mechanical vibration that can quickly destroy other batteries. They provide excellent starting power even at temperatures down to -40°C and can operate in heat up to +45°C.
Odyssey Batteries are available from Burton Power as –
Part number BATVAR15 – 14Amp, 5kg, 400A cranking current £152.50 inc. VAT
Part number BATVAR30 – 26Amp, 9Kg, 685A cranking current £168.00 inc. VAT
Part number BATVAR40 – 37Amp, 12.5Kg, 965A cranking current £189.95 inc. VAT

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