New from OBP are new universal Girling-type alloy master cylinders for brake or clutch actuation with an integral fluid reservoir and screw on filler cap.

Featuring a vertical mounting flange with 2¼in mounting hole spacing and a 5/16in UNF threaded pushrod. The outlet port has a 3/8in UNF thread. These lightweight aluminium master cylinders are fitted to many competition cars, kitcars and classic car applications.

obp Branded Integral Reservoir Master Cylinder with a 3/8in UNF Outlet, 5/16in UNF Pushrod Thread with a 95mm push-rod length from the flange face. Priced from £39 inc VAT.

More from https://www.obpltd.com/Essential-Parts/Pedal-Box-Ancillaries/Integral-Master-Cylinder-625-OBPMC01 ENDS.


Edelbrock has announced the expansion of their popular line of Elite II Series valve covers to now include new applications for big-block Chevy, big-block Chrysler and Ford FE.

The original Elite Series accessories have been a staple in the Edelbrock performance catalogue since 1985. The Elite II Series accessories are an all-new streamlined modern design that pays homage to the original. They retain the classic raised fin look with gloss black accents in between the fins.

Elite II Series valve covers are a heavy-gauge, die-cast aluminum construction with a high quality polished finish for a show-winning look. This new design provides a More >


Specialists at Millers Oils are advising kitcar owners with older, classic-type engines in their cars to protect them from the high ethanol content in modern fuels, following winter storage. The British oil developer’s VSPe Power Plus additive reduces valve seat recession, fuel system corrosion and early detonation while providing an octane boost, enabling owners to get the most out of their vehicles. It also protects components from the aggressive nature of modern fuels. “The level of ethanol in petrol is 5 per cent if allowed to rise to 10 per cent” said Millers Oils’ technical director, Martyn Mann. “The Ethanol More >


Cambridge Motorsport Parts has just released a Crank Damper Pulley for the MGB ‘B’ Series engine that will inhibit vibration and improve crankshaft harmonics on competition engines. The pulley has a steel inner, and an anodised aluminium outer, with a rubber insert between the inner and outer parts. It weighs just 1kg. Timing marks have been clearly etched into the outer ring to ensure that it can be easily read inside an engine bay. It wears a retail price of £203.40 inc VAT.

For more details call 01462 684 300 or visit www.cambridgemotorsport.com ENDS.


When cutting new threads or even chasing and cleaning existing threads, the traditional T-piece type tap holder can be awkward to manage and keep straight, especially when working in cramped on inaccessible conditions. This tap and die holder set from Laser Tools (part number 6071) is designed to make the task a lot easier, by featuring comfortable grips and an innovative switching function that means the tool is not released to change from clockwise to anticlockwise direction. Can be used with most taps and dies within the size range. Two tap holders are included, M3-M6 and M6-M12; they fit directly More >


RPS Ltd has been busy producing its superb RP251 MGB revamp kits, which help transform the looks of (particularly) rubber bumper MGBs, giving them a stylish look rather than just removing the heavy bumpers, which at around 50kg, aren’t made of rubber!

They’re also busy working on their MG TF (and MGF)-based RPX body conversion, which is seen here in semi-complete form. They recently exhibited the part built demonstrator at the MG LIVE show at Gaydon and met with stunning and positive feedback.

You may have read elsewhere on these pages that we’ll soon be featuring the RPX in TKC Mag as More >


The new Sebring International team of Phil Overall and Sophie Fisher has been busy lately. In addition to re-establishing the brand, they’ve just announced that the range – MXR, TMX, SX and Exalt – will now have the option of BMW E46-generation 3-Series, which is going to be a very popular development, I think. More on this one as we get the information.

In another significant move, the Cheltenham-based manufacturer has added well-known engineer and suspension guru, Geoff Kingston, to their team and we’ll have more details on this development very soon.

More information from www.sebringinternational.co.uk ENDS.


FOLIATEC® has been making car wrapping films for years and has made quite a success of it – most of those beige taxis you see all over Germany are wrapped in FOLIATEC film. But when it comes to DIY use most of us shy away from film. The idea of wrapping a film around complex curves just seems too complicated (actually it’s not, but that’s another story).

So, a while back, FOLIATEC came up with a spray-on version of their film that anyone who can use a spray can of paint will find user-friendly. Now, they have taken things a step More >


Jenvey Dynamics has just launched its new electronic throttle actuator. The unit is highly modular, making it compatible with a large range of aftermarket independent throttle body (ITB) kits for road or race applications, and offers precise control over throttle actuation to help optimise induction systems.

It provides durability, size and weight-saving advantages over OE alternatives and, at just £495, is also cheaper and more robust than complex, bespoke fly-by-wire variants. “We have identified the need for a highly configurable, fit-and-forget electronic actuator that is good enough to be used in international race series, yet is more attainable than often complicated, More >


Bulletproof internals create a foundation for high-power engines. In standard form, Ford’s 4.6-litre modular V8s are excellent engines.

However, if an engine builder wants to upgrade to high performance cylinder heads, or add nitrous or forced induction, the engine internals may be pushed beyond their design limits.

To solve this issue, Scat has just introduced ‘Scat Packs for the 4.6-litre unit that are made to withstand the extreme stress of a high performance engine. They are complete rotating assemblies.

At the heart of each kit is a crankshaft and H-beam connecting rods forged from 4340 steel, plus a set of forged aluminium pistons. More >

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