Toyo’s new New NanoEnergy 3 is the latest addition to its NanoEnergy range and is aimed squarely at the compact and mid-range car sector. As with all preceding NanoEnergy models, the latest incarnation of these popular tyres guarantee safety, durability, fuel savings and efficiency. In other words, precisely what the eco-tyre market demands.

news_toyoThe third incarnation of the NanoEnergy family benefits from an improved tyre construction and a new polymer in the tread compound. Partly thanks to these improvements, the tyre has a longer tyre life over its forebears, combined with better wet performance and lower fuel consumption than its predecessor.

An all-new tread compound features an increased silica percentage and an innovative low rolling resistance grip polymer improves wet grip with reduced fuel consumption. The rubber mix also features an enhanced active polymer, with improved filler dispersion, to provide a good balance of wear life & low rolling resistance. Scoring a B-C rolling resistance rating and C wet-handling rating, this latest tyre punches far above its reasonable price point.

The attractive case design has also received a full rethink. Wide, straight grooves with Toyo’s silent wall technology offer an enhanced aquaplaning resistance combined with reduced noise emissions – just 69 dB, making it one of Toyo’s quietest family car tyres.

The technology behind the NanoEnergy range has also clearly been a hit with manufacturers – a fact borne out by Mazda’s decision to equip the latest Mazda 3 with the 205/60 R16 92V NanoEnergy R38 tyre. The aftermarket range spans a plethora of sizes from 155/80 R13 through to 195/65 R15 in a wide variety of load and speed indexes.

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