Power Maxed product development team hasbeen busy developing a new polish range due to popular demand. Automotive Brands listened to retail customers who suggested that they were after a quality polish range that performs well.

news_powermaxed_deep_clean“It’s great to get customer feedback on our product range and listen and consider their new ideas and make new products happen.” Said Adam Weaver, Automotive Brands managing director.

Power Maxed Ultra Finishing Polish (500ml) has a unique formula that will remove contaminants and oxidation which normal washing will not touch.

The polish can be layered to build up additional gloss and protection, and can also be topped with further coats of wax or sealant protection to give an even deeper shine if desired. This final step polish, creates a deep, wet, glossy finish, with effortless buffing and no white dust, it makes it an especially useful product in your detailing arsenal.

For more information visit www.powermaxed.com/clean-your-car/ultra-finishing-ptfe-glaze-polish

Power Maxed Deep Clean Polish (500ml)

This micro abrasive polish will clear all light swirls in the paintwork leaving you with a perfect wax / sealant ready finish. Power Maxed Deep Clean Polish can be used on its own to correct mild defects, or as your first stage in your polishing process. This Polish can be used either by hand or with a polishing machine.

Both products priced at just £8.99, and so confident are they that the Power Maxed polish range will give the best results possible they come with a “Product Performance Money Back Guarantee” – If you find a similar product that performs better they will give you your money back.


For more information visit: www.powermaxed.com/clean-your-car/deep-clean-light-swirl-remover-polish ENDS.