New from Car Builder Solutions is this new aluminium condensing radiator a compact 480mm x 250mm x 30mm (including #6 and #8 male unions) weighing in at just 1.165kg.

It is also supplied with multiple fixing holes in the side-plates. The radiator wears CBS part number #CONRAD8 and retails at just £96 inc VAT.

More information from or 01580 891 309 ENDS.


SamcoSport® is now offering a direct replacement three-piece hose kit for the smallest of the Ford EcoBoost engine – the inline three-cylinder 1-litre, which debuted in 2012.

This direct replacement three hose turbo kit is manufactured using four-ply premium grade European silicone reinforced with Aramid fabric that allows for increases in both boost pressure and operating temperatures up to a maximum of 250°c.

The smooth silicone inner liner within each SamcoSport® hose has been designed to maximise flow and minimise resistance during the transition from turbo through to plenum optimising performance.

This kit is available in any of the 16 colours that SamcoSport® More >


On many V8 engined applications that use Weber 48IDA carburettors, clearance above the carbs can be very limited and this can sometimes prevent the use of the standard 56mm air horns.

Webcon’s new reduced height air horn is just 33mm high so ideal for applications such as Ford GT40 and replicas (the auxilliary venturi height will need to be reduced to suit the new air horns).

The new Webcon 33mm 48IDA air horn wears part number 5284051200 and priced at £30.31 inc VAT each.

They are available directly from Webcon UK on 01932 787 100 or via ENDS.

More >


Foliatec Carbody Spray Film – the quick and easy to apply spray-on alternative to automotive wrapping film has been joined by a new accessory for Spray-Film.

It’s a sealer that is ideal for the permanent sealing of Spray Film and binds with the Spray Film product to protect it against damage but also facilitates easier cleaning.

Not only does it provide the Spray Film with extra protection against dirt and abrasion, but the increased layer thickness eases the removal process (if required) by allowing removal in one continuous sheet rather than pieces that need to be picked off.

A variety of colours and More >


Spray carpet glue is pretty useful stuff in the home, and you might think it’s equally useful in the car for fixing carpets, upholstery and headlinings.

Unfortunately, the first time you leave your newly-trimmed car out in the sun you’ll find out why domestic spray carpet glue isn’t suitable. The temperatures reached in a car, in sunshine, will make the spray glue ‘let go’ and all of the new trim will peel or fall off.

This is where Design Engineering’s Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive comes into its own as it’s designed to provide a secure, high-strength, heat-resistant bond to almost any surface within More >


Mini Spares now has stocks of the original ST Works type lock tab washer. They might seem expensive at £5.32 inc VAT each, but it is by far the best way of safely securing the two-piece crank pulley. Order as part number C-AHT146.

For more details phone 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.


The B-G Racing Quick Release system allows for quick and easy removal of the steering wheel from the column, making it much easier to get in and out of any racecar.

A master spline positioned dead-centre allows the use of the steering wheel as a reference point, ensuring perfect realignment every time. The latest three-hole weld-on quick release will require welding to the steering column.

It is manufactured from high quality aircraft grade aluminium with a hard anodised inner splined hub for durability, and a 20mm steel splined shaft. It is available in a choice of 5/8in, ¾in and 1in diameters and More >


The right steering wheel can make or break a car’s interior. GT Performance has oodles of options available at Summit Racing.

GT-3 Classic Foam Steering Wheels

These steering wheels have an extra thick black foam grip. Each spoke has four chamfered lightening holes to give the wheel that timeless race look. You get a choice of spoke styles – black powdercoated steel, chrome-plated steel, or chrome with full cut-outs.

Classic Wood Steering Wheels

A choice of two available and both have a V-shaped wood rim with finger grips. The rim has been stained dark walnut and protected with a clear polyurethane finish. There’s also More >


Doing this job, writing about fibreglass-bodied cars you get to know who the good GRP laminators are as the same names come up time and time again.

One that has been mentioned in ‘dispatches’ a few times lately is Mid Norfolk Mouldings, based in Bredenham and the company offer a whole range of glassfibre-related services in addition to a menu of GRP styling parts for specific  models such as Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Ford Capri, Peugeot 106, Citroen Saxo and Toyota Celica Mk7.

Additionally, they also cater for Porsche 911, beach buggies and Westfield. Throw in production of a pair of traditional style Clinker More >


News this week that one of the most talented men to ever design a kitcar, Jeremy Phillips of Sylva Autokits has finally gone and done it. He’s retired selling the company to David MacBean.

Sylva founder, the genius that is Jeremy Phillips (left) hands over to new owner, David MacBean

Jeremy has been designing and producing a superb line-up of kitcars since 1982 and iconic models such as Striker, Fury, Stylus, Phoenix, Leader and Riot have all come from his pencil. Every Sylva I’ve ever driven has been a total delight. The man has a knack for creating, clever, wheel-at-each-corner cars that More >

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