Latest model from DNA Automotive is sure to cause a bit of excitement. The West Midlands manufacturer is known for the fine quality of their body conversions that includes the West Coast V8 and 5Cudo.

It’s called the 2fifty Cal and is the latest kit package to be based on BMW Z3, which makes sound sense – it’ll make its debut at the National Kit Car Motor Show at Stoneleigh in May.

Basic kit prices have been announced – Stage 1 includes GRP pieces, all bracketry and chrome door handles comes in at £7140 inc VAT, with other stage packages due to More >


Black Friday might be over (thank goodness – Ed) but Europa Spares’ ‘British Racing Green Event’ is still on! This means that you’ll get a very generous 10 per cent discount off all products from Europa Spares for the duration of the event.

As we really get into the festive season they have some great gift ideas for the kit and classic car enthusiast, from classic speedo wall clocks to books and manuals from key fobs to classic car clothing, you will find loads of ideas on their website. Don’t forget everything has a 10 per cent discount!

With the winter well and More >


Just when you thought that virtually every modification to the Ford Cosworth BDA race engine possible had been done, Kent Cams has come up with not one, but two new profiles.

Coming up with an improved modification for this well-tried engine wasn’t easy and it involved some engineering trickery as well as radical thinking. Most performance camshafts involve increasing the lift by making the lobes bigger, but there comes a point when the lobes would be too big to go through the bearing housings and the camshaft would not be able to be installed.

Kent has taken a new approach to the More >


Burton Power now offer classic racing style Bullet Mirrors made from stainless steel with wide angle convex glass.

The mirrors replicate those used widely in the sixties and seventies but they won’t rust the way that the original chrome-plated versions did and despite the small mirror size – by modern standards – they will give a good view of the road behind thanks to the convex mirror.

Burton Bullet Racing Style Mirror: stainless steel convex glass can be ordered as part number: REVCR1C at £24.95 each inc VAT.

More from 0208 554 2281 or ENDS.


The Oil Pump Drive on the MGB can be a source of problems, particularly on highly tuned race engines that are running aftermarket cams.

The tolerances on the original one-piece drive varied considerably; which means that the drive that an aftermarket cam was designed to match might not be the same as the drive in another MGB engine.

This mis-match causes excessive wear on both the drive gear and the gear on the cam and this can quickly reduce an expensive race camshaft to scrap. In certain cases this has even happened on the dyno before the new engine was even fitted More >


For years, Weber 55DCO/SP carburettors have only been available as LH and RH units, with the outer throttle shaft ends blanked-off. This works well with a conventional distributor ignition system but, as mapped ignition systems have become more widely used, thus the demand for a throttle position sensor fitment on the 55DCO/SP has grown. In response to this demand Webcon has developed a new, Unified 55DCO/SP that features throttle shaft at both ends of the carburettor and allows for fitment of a Webcon DCO/SP throttle position sensor kit. Part number 1970000700 can be used for LH or RH fitment, and More >


Turbos are one of the easiest and most effective ways to add horsepower to your engine and those gains can be improved by adding a DEI ONYX Series™ Turbo Shield.

The Turbo Shield will help maintain consistent temperature in the turbo to maximise efficiency and minimise turbo lag. Building on the popularity of DEI’s ONYX Series, DEI is now introducing the ONYX Series Black Turbo Shield for smaller-sized turbos including Garrett®, Mitsubishi® and others.

The shield is available for the GT22 (part #010161) or the GT25 (part #010163), or as a kit: GT22 Kit (part #010162) or GT25 (part #010164). For correct More >


The B-G Racing Mechanic’s Kneeling Work Mat provides a cushioned platform allowing users to sit or kneel comfortably when working on a vehicle. The mat is the perfect companion for a busy mechanic and is equally useful at home, in the professional garage or in the racing pits.

An integrated carry handle allows for easy transportation and positioning and makes it ideal for roadside repairs and/or outdoor activities.

The B-G Racing Mechanic’s Kneeling Work Mat is produced from a high quality 30mm thick heavy-duty EVA composition with a water and impact resistant embossed surface that is easy to wipe clean.

The mat comes More >


The brand new rangetopping Zenos E10 the ‘R’ has been announced this week featuring a new powerplant – the Ford-sourced turbocharged 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine, which uses a bespoke ECU developed with Zenos’ partner Specialist Components to deliver 40 per cent more power (350bhp) and 19 per cent more torque (349lb/ft). Thanks to a power-to-weight figure of 500 bhp/tonne, the Zenos E10 R delivers very pleasing performance.

The engine’s responsiveness is further heightened by a lightened flywheel assembly and newly-developed three-inch diameter exhaust system. The latter also delivers a purposeful exhaust note, which leaves no uncertainty about the elevated levels of performance More >


If you’re one of the many, many kitcar enthusiasts with a Ford Type 9 gearbox. This partial gear kit set from Burton Power is designed to lower the ratio of first gear from a short 3.65:1 to a much more usable 2.98:1.

The kit includes a brand new mainshaft first gear and a used layshaft cluster that has been modified and fitted with a new first gear. The remaining gears do not require replacing. Each kit is supplied on an outright basis with no surcharge or return of original required.

The Ford Type 9 five-speed gearbox (also referred to as a ‘Type More >