UK-based TRACKSCAPES recreate racing circuits from around the world as wall art, sculpted in wood.

Shown here is the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit in a black finish. They offer a wide range of designs in a variety of finishes and will make tracks to order, if you can’t find what you want.  Prices start at £49 with a very, very cool Nürburgring outline that I have my eye on for my ‘man cave’ at £129.

Visit www.trackscapes.com to view their range or to contact them ENDS.


Even when you have the luxury of your car’s fuse diagram in front of you it can still be a task to identify the correct fuse and then check to see if it has blown or not. Not anymore. These blade fuses from Gunson actually illuminate when blown, making identification instant and easy.

The kit includes an assortment of common blade fuses, seven each of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 amp sizes. They are identical in fit and function to a standard blade fuse, but they light up when blown! They’ve even included a handy fuse remover as well.

Available More >


SCAT Enterprises has been where it’s at for Volkswagen performance since 1967. The company grew with the Southern California VW scene in the 1960s and 1970s; today SCAT Enterprises offers nearly everything you need to build a better classic Bug, Bus, dune buggy, or VW-based kitcar.

SCAT VW engine kits feature all-new parts and take the guesswork out of building a reliable engine. They are available with a hypereutectic cast or forged piston and cylinder package to build a 1300, 1500, or 1800cc engine. Most kits include:

  • Eight-pin cast crankshaft
  • 4340 forged I-beam or H-beam connecting rods
  • 4340 steel gland nut and thick washer
  • Performance More >


Webcon has announced the re-introduction of the now very rare, triple manifold set to allow fitment of Weber DCOE carburettors or throttle bodies to the ever popular Triumph GT6 and Vitesse six-cylinder engine as used on plenty of kitcars over the year.

Part number MT0091 is supplied with studs, nuts and soft-mounts, as well as the major linkage components and is priced at £462.38 inc VAT. Available now via 01932 787 100 or via www.webcon.co.uk ENDS.



Really impressed with the result of Dave Jones latest labours, the GTE, which although not a replica has more than a few tips of the hat to a 288 GTO.

The car is a body conversion based around a Toyota MR2 Mk2 (1989-2000) and any model of that breed can be used for GTE purposes. Dave’s demo car features a Woodsport Toyota (3-VZ) 3-litre V6 conversion, which is a popular transplant in MR2 circles, these days.

As with all Dave’s kits, the package will provide you with everything you need to convert your MR2 with the 33-piece GRP kit if top quality and More >


A manufacturer keeping a very low profile but producing high quality work while doing it, while also being extremely busy with orders and builds is Warwickshire-based Speedster Clinic run by the superb character that is Gary Blundall.

Gary and his small team offer several models on the Porsche 356 theme, including 356 Speedster, 356 Coupe and his new 356 Pre-A (he’s also got a couple of other secret new projects up his sleeve, too!).

Several things set Speedster Clinic apart including the fact that they offer their kits in bolt-on, using shortened VW Beetle floorpan guise or their ‘Deluxe’ kits that use More >


Great to see Craven Moses of 2rike exhibiting in Hall One at the recent Stoneleigh show, a year after impressing lots of people when parked outside with his little sports trike.

The result of that for the skilled engineer was a small handful of order requests and a decision to go into kit production on a gentle, small scale.

The diminutive little 2rike was designed from the outset to accept a wide range of motorcycle donors, although the Yamaha R1 presents a great case for itself. The kit, which costs £4500 accepts a big chunk of the bike as effectively you remove More >


A great addition to your tool collection is this set of mini-ratcheting spanners. I’ve been trying out this set from Proxxon with pleasing results.

Seven spanners are included in the powdercoated dark green box ranging from 8mm-19mm.

I like their feel in the hand and they have a steel shaft with durable nickel-plating and a matt finish.

The ratchet mechanism features 72-teeth and has worked well for me in our workshop thus far. Recommended

The set is priced at £53.96 inc VAT and to find your nearest Proxxon retailer call 03332 406 967 or visit brimarc.com ENDS.


In response to customer demand Webcon has announced the introduction of a range of Air Horns fitted with a coo, mesh element, which will help keep stones and other crud out of your engine as well as looking cool! The horns are beautifully-machined from lightweight aluminium to ensure a perfect fit and the mesh guarantees an authentic ‘period’ look while ensuring that larger pieces of debris are prevented from entering the carburettor.

The new Webcon mesh airhorns are available as follows:

For 40 DCOE carburettors and throttle bodies AH4016G 16mm AH4030G 30mm AH4060G 60mm

For 45 DCOE carburettors and throttle bodies AH4516G 16mm More >


New EXO Sleeve from DEI offers your wiring, hoses and oil, brake and transmission lines not one but three, levels of protection.

At the centre, sitting next to the loom, line or hose to be protected, is a layer of high temperature resistant braided glass material woven into a sleeve. This protects from continuous, direct heat up to 500°F and up to 2000°F intermittent heat. It also provides a soft cushion that protects the line from impact, abrasion and shrap objects.

The inner braided glass core is surrounded by a 100 per cent silicone rubber coating that protects against water and damage More >

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