Leading forced induction specialist and exclusive BTCC turbocharger supplier Owen Developments is delighted to announce a new addition to its Turbonetics range of turbos. Called the GT-K 700, this latest external wastegate turbo release is designed to flow enough air up to 700bhp, whilst offering unparalleled levels of boost and spool up response and a unique, distinctive finish.

The Turbonetics GT-K 700 boasts advanced technical features, including a patented ceramic ball bearing centre housing rotating assembly (CHRA.) The Turbonetics ceramic ball bearing design offers 50 times greater thrust capacity and is more resilient under high temperature engine shut-downs than conventional journal More >


Drymotive, creators of the innovative AquaZero waterless car cleaner, have launched a Christmas gift pack for those mad about motoring, which might help those tired of scrubbing dirt, rain and snow from their vehicle in the depths of winter. One pack will clean ten large cars without water and can be used to clean any type of car safely outdoors or in – meaning no more battling icy conditions and frozen fingers to enjoy pristine winter motoring.

The gift pack includes two 500ml bottles of the revolutionary AquaZero waterless car cleaning product, as well as two free microfibre cloths worth £3.96.

Rob More >


Tribute Automotive was at Exeter show last weekend with their new model the A352, a pastiche of the Jaguar D-type, a body conversion based on the Triumph Spitfire and thus IVA-exempt.

In case you were wondering, the name has no mystical meaning or Jaguar connection. It’s the main A-road, the A352, where Tribute’s workshop is located in Dorset. Similarly, the kit price of £1954 commemorates the year that the D-type was launched! I really do like Tribute boss, Chris Welch’s style…

There’s a bit of cosmetic adjustment required on the Spitfire although nothing structural and the new GRP panels simply bond to More >


Vortex V2 now IVA-compliant

Progress continues apace on Vortex Automotive’s V2 model with the latest news concerning the prototype passing IVA.

The car’s main features are a mid-engine/intercooler/radiator layout fed by a large full width duct underneath the car, a central longitudinal fuel tank, keen aerodynamics for high downforce and low drag, with power coming from Ford Duratec or the sensational, new 280bhp Ecoboost turbocharged engine.

The chassis has the engine mounted transversely, with conventional front wishbones and a de Dion rear axle located by a Watts pivot and links. Vortex’s own front uprights are cast LM25 aluminium with the curved side tubes More >


Here’s a great product that will definitely be of use to our readers, given the amount of kit and specialist cars to be found enjoying trackdays up and down the land every day of the week. Oh, and the fact that noise is becoming an ever-increasing problem at racing circuits. Have you been to Castle Combe or Donington on a restricted day and been left disappointed because your car won’t pass noise tests?

Decibel Devil is a new and innovative product, which is the perfect solution for reducing noise levels should your competition or trackday vehicle unexpectedly fail a circuit noise More >


A brilliant product that I’ve had first-hand experience of is Evans Waterless Coolant, which originates in America but is now available in the UK and Europe.

The company initially concentrated on the classic car market, naturally enough but its relevance to our industry is obvious with the coolant protecting engine cooling systems from -40°C to 180°C with its unique properties preventing many of the problems associated with water-based coolants such as corrosion and overheating (it won’t boil over).

To find out more about Evans Waterless Coolant visit www.evanscoolants.co.uk or 01792 572 299 ENDS.


New company Kit2Kar will happily powdercoat one-off and small jobs for you

A new company making their kitcar show debut at Exeter last weekend was Kit2Kar who are offering a very innovative powdercoating service to enthusiasts.

There’s nothing unusual in that, of course, in recent years powdercoating has become very popular giving a superb finish to larger metal components such as chassis and/or wishbones, although where Kit2Kar differ is that they will happily coat one-off or small parts for you, the sort of items that the bigger companies won’t want to do unless batch sizes are in three figures.

Therefore, if you fancy More >


With colder days and harsh weather you really need to protect your vehicle from the worst ravages of road salt and winter grime. Extreme Elements from BRITEMAX is a highly durable and versatile resin cream sealant, which protects your paintwork against acid rain, birdlime and salt water.

Extreme Elements seals with optical clarity and adds a deep shine and warmth to painted finishes and provides un-paralleled levels of durability and UV protection to car bodywork, wheels, glass and polished metals.

Even better, the more Extreme Elements layers you add to a car’s paintwork, the deeper the shine…

BX115-16       473ml (16oz)

BX115-G        3.78 Litres (1 US More >


Viper Performance is now offering a comprehensive selection of very high quality fuel system products by leading American producer, Aeromotive.

The range includes fuel pumps, filters and regulators, mounting brackets and fuel rails and are a perfect match to complement Viper Performance’s own range and quality.

Viper Performance is able to supply all of the Aeromotive product range. Buying from UK directly, means no import duty and expensive shipping to pay, thus saving money and time.

Order from the Viper Performance website clicking on the ‘Fuel Pumps, Regulators, Brackets & Associated Parts’ link.

Prices for each component as follows:

Fuel regulators from £103.21, fuel pumps More >


As the massive SEMA show prepares to open in Las Vegas, leading thermal and acoustic control experts, DEI has released their 2013 BOOM MAT catalogue, which contains details of their various heat and sound barrier products along with useful hints on sound-proofing and temperature control.

You can download their 2013 catalogue without cost by going to:

www.designengineering.com/files/pdfs/catalog/2013_boommat_catalog.pdf or of course, UK distributors, Nimbus Motorsport will have the information you need via www.nimbusmotorsport.co.uk or 01377 236 170 ENDS.