Hot on the heels of its hugely popular Softbag, Britool Expert introduces its latest offering: the ‘Backpack with Wheels’ (E010602B). This mobile tool-case takes portability to another level by combining a backpack with a pull-along trolley.

Aimed at mobile engineers and technicians, the case can be carried on the back using the adjustable, padded shoulder straps or pulled along via a telescopic handle and a pair of integrated wheels, much like a flight bag. The new bag is particularly useful for occasions when a heavy inventory of tools is being transported.

The design offers a lighter, more flexible storage solution than traditional More >

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Peter James Insurance totalkitcar LIVE – Saturday, September 21, 2013


WHAT’S THE IDEA THEN? One day, back in about 2003, it struck me that although there’s nothing wrong with a static-type kitcar show the real beauty of a lightweight, specialist sportscar is its grin factor, not to mention its performance potential. So, rather than just make the ‘vroom vroom’ noises why not allow them to be demonstrated? Turn-up at Blyton Park on Saturday, September 21st and if you like a particular car then go for a test ride in the passenger seat. Simple. This is an event that More >


The JH Classics DGt has continued to sell very well since launching their new MR2-based cars in May 2011, a steady order book and a continuous build programme has delivered cars all around the country and home conversion packages out to Poland, Denmark, Germany and Australia with orders pending for America and France.

Tasteful JH Classics Le Mans

The majority have been converted to run the V6, 3-litre 24-valve quad-cam, Camry engine, producing superb, performance. Continuous detail developments mean the cars are always improving with some exciting new options coming on-stream soon.

The first being the launch of the DGt Le Mans, a More >


An interesting stand at Donington show featured a very red modern sportscar-style kit and a trestle table with postcards and a box…

A simple message asked showgoers for their comments. If it looked sort-of familiar that because it began life as the Formula 27 KR Roadster before passing to YKC when they bought out Steve Porter’s company and in turn to Image Sportscars (Image Monza) where Ford cylinder and bike engines were ditched in favour of GM LS7 V8…

Mystery Donington concept turns out to be a new monster from MEV

Indeed, it was probably one of the first kitcars to feature an More >


A new model from Blitzworld made its kitcar show debut at Donington last weekend.

It’s called the Vigilante and is the latest road-legal buggy to join the go-ahead Staffordshire-based company’s range.

Developed from the Joyrider model, the Fiat Punto-based kit is notable for allowing fitment of ANY engine, with the demo car featuring a Honda K20 2-litre VTEC unit, although if you want to utilise the donor car’s engine, you can.

Kit prices start at £2000, which comes with plenty of the items needed to get you on-the-way, with a more comprehensive package priced at £4000. Blitzworld-boss, Steve Malpass, reckons that a DIY More >


New Bertini looks promising and is shaping up very nicely

No doubt about it, IVA-exempt body conversion kits that use the un-modified platform of a production car are gaining in popularity. Countless MR2s of all marks, Ford Cougars and Mazda MX-5s have been modified into a variety of Italian exotica.

A decade ago, John Barlow’s Veranti came along and did quite well for a time, and was refreshing in that it was an original design. Sport Griffiths has acquired the Veranti project and plans a re-launch but that aside it’s all replica or inspired-by territory.

Original design, based on BMW Z3, displays several More >


Leyland Hose & Silicone was at Donington last weekend making their kitcar show debut and the company is a designer and manufacturer of silicone and organic rubber hoses with a specialisation in bus, truck and industrial markets although they have a very large range of automotive hoses.

New range of silicone hoses from Leyland Hose & Silicone includes an OAT coolant resistant range

They actually began life as Leyland Trucks’ in-house hose division…

In addition to blue and black they can also now offer the majority of their range in yellow, green orange, pink, purple and red.

A very pertinent introduction is a range More >


A welcome new arrival to the kitcar scene is a company called Starcom1 who produce an in car intercom system, which really is an excellent piece of kit and above all else, affordable.

Brilliant Starcom1 intercom system has been designed for kitcar use.

It goes to show, I think, how receptive enthusiasts are nowadays to innovative new products, such as video cams, like the GoPro set-up that really is proving hit within our industry. I think Starcom1 promises to do the same…

They were at Donington show last demonstrating their innovative communications system to showgoers that allows voice activated driver to passenger communication, More >


Although running Todmorden-based Carbon Copies Ltd for just a year, company boss, Warren Sheridan, has been involved in the GRP and composites industry for over 20-years and after a few beers late one night with an MK Indy-owning friend, he accepted the challenge of creating a set of panels to ‘fully clothe’ the popular LSIS model.

However, the result, seen here in 1/10th scale model rendering is much more than just a set of emperor’s new clothes as Warren has taken the opportunity to bring in several upgrades while at it. This also means that larger engines can now be accommodated More >


Donington show has always thrown up rarities in the owners field , not to mention innovative exhibitors and one of the most interesting I’ve seen for quite a year was exhibiting this year.

Tallon Systems UK, run by Alastair Badman, markets an ingenious range of mounts and accessories that can be used all-round the home but lend themselves especially well to automotive, particularly kitcar use.

Their line-up includes mini socket mounts and USB sockets that enable you to use, quite safely and hands-free, phones, tablets, satnavs, plotters and all manner of other electronic devices. Seems fairly logical to me for a kitcar More >