Heat protection specialist, Design Engineering Inc now has DEI Heat Sheath Gold™ sleeving to keep critical lines, wiring looms, air intakes and hoses cool and protected.

DEI Heat Sheath Gold™ is manufactured from high-temperature resistant metalised polyamide lamination, bonded to a robust 20oz heat treated glass fibre base material.

The product will protect and keep components cool in the most demanding applications and is capable of reflecting direct heat up to 800˚F (approx. 427˚C) and radiant heat up to 1100˚F (approx. 593˚C). It can be easily cut and trimmed to size as required.

DEI Heat Sheath Gold™ is available in the following sizes:
#010914 – 3/4in x 36in
#010915 – 1-1/4in x 36in
#010916 – 1/2in x 36in
#010917 – 1in x 36in
#010918 – 2-1/4in x 36in

You can order directly from DEI in the USA via www.designengineering.com or www.nimbusmotorsport.com ENDS.