Lots of engine builders, particularly those in the USA, like to use diesel motor oil as a break-in lubricant for new engines because it contains plenty of zinc (ZDDP) to protect flat tappet camshafts.

It’s said that this oil is being replaced with a new formulation, API CK-4, that reduces levels of ZDDP, on the order of 800 parts per million (ppm). That’s not enough to prevent premature cam wear or even failure in engines with flat tappet camshafts.

Fortunately, the oil experts at Joe Gibbs Driven offer BR-Series Break-In Oil that contains highest levels of zinc and phosphorus to promote piston ring seal and provide maximum protection for flat tapped cams and lifters during initial break-in.

BR Break-in Oil can be used for up to two hours of break-in/dyno time before changing to regular motor oil and is available from Summit Racing.

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