DEI has introduced a new additive, Radiator Relief Track Time that is said to give better heat transfer through the radiator while still using a water-based coolant. There are no problems with silicone or rubber hoses, it is safe with all alloys and it is compatible with water and all types of anti-freeze.

Radiator Relief Track Time has a new clear formula designed for trackday and racing use, lowering operating temperatures by up to 30°F (approx 17°C) and reducing the engine wear that occurs during extreme use.

The product also contains a corrosion inhibitor that reduces mineral deposits. It is the first More >


Facom’s S.208-200EA torque wrench is ideal for situations where a sturdy wrench is required to apply precise torque at high levels. A prime example in the automotive sector is changing a wheel. Under-tightening or over-tightening wheel nuts can create a number of problems: too loose and they may come off; too tight and damage to the wheel can occur – this is especially true with alloy wheels.

Over-tightening, of course, can also make removal of wheels difficult in future. A ½in torque wrench is also a staple in a number of industrial environments where a greater degree of robustness is required More >


The B-G Racing Wheel & Tyre Trolley makes easy work of moving large tyres around the pits, garage or workshop.

Convenience and quality come together in the design and manufacture of this sturdy trolley, which is equally practical for tyre transport in pit and paddock, and for storage back at base.

Two fixed and two fully-rotating locking castor wheels are designed for strength and ease of movement around the pits, paddock and workshop.

The B-G Racing Wheel & Tyre Trolley is manufactured from high-grade mild steel with a silver-grey powdercoated finish and is available in either 1300mm or 1500mm internal lengths and features More >


Making its show debut at Exeter last weekend was the Cali from MI6 Cars, a very exotic pastiche of a well-known supercar.

Looking vibrant in its Giallo Fly yellow bodywork, the previous images I’d previously seen of the car didn’t do it any justice.

The Cali uses the second generation Lexus SC430 as donor and is claimed to be the UK’s first kitcar to feature an electronic folding roof, while although quite un-loved the Lexus packed a 4.3-litre V8 producing a 288bhp punch and also came with an enviable level of specification. ‘Loaded’ being the operative word, I feel.

There are currently around More >


Miles Southerton’s XMoor Cars was at Exeter show last weekend with the newly revised ‘work-in-progress’ Riot with all chassis tubes and panelling now laser-cut, while the Somerset company has settled on the long wheelbase version (56mm longer) as their standard offering.

Most striking visual amendments though concern the body, or namely the bonnet, which now features tasteful air intakes, with similar side-strakes added to the side of the car. All looks very tasteful and sympathetic to the origins and purity of this cracking little kitcar. Another gem originating from the Sylva Autokits stable, of course.

A new Ford EcoBoost 1.6-litre would be More >


Interesting new launch at Exeter show last weekend was the latest budget offering from Tribute Automotive, called the Z300S…

The Dorset-based company, run by Chris Welch, is known for its innovative body conversions using donors such as Mazda MX-5 and Triumph Spitfire. Humble origins make an ideal base for transformation. “Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be…”

They have now created a pastiche of the Maserati 300S, which although no way a replica does take inspiration from the Italian icon, while it uses, as the model name may indicate, the BMW Z3.

The Z3 is an almost forgotten and unloved gem, which still boasts More >


Classic, vintage and kitcar owners are being urged to take seriously a double threat to their treasured vehicles – from inside the engine – over the coming winter months.

The first threat is ethanol or ethyl alcohol, additive in modern fuels, which can destroy original fuel pipes from the inside. The second threat is degradation of the fuel that occurs naturally over time and causes various ignition problems.

Both threats become real and the damage takes place once a car or motorcycle has been ‘safely’ locked away for the winter lay-up.

Ethanol is a low cost solvent added to fuel because it cleans engines More >


With winter just around the corner now is the perfect time to stock up on a host of winter essentials for your car.  From staying warm, to maintaining visibility and preparing for emergencies, Sakura – from the UK’s leading automotive accessories distributor, Saxon – has everything you need to see you through the season.

With winter throwing a number of challenges at road users it is vital that we are prepared for every eventuality. A few items in your boot can alleviate these concerns, keeping you safe in the knowledge that you are ready for anything.

Sakura offers a variable feast of More >


Laser Tools has just introduced this super-tough quarter-inch-drive impact socket set that is designed for daily use with air-driven impact wrenches and ratchets (part no 5685).

The 13-piece set includes 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm and 14mm single-hex sockets all 25mm deep.

Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel plus their special heat treatment ensure very high yield strength and wear resistance.

Supplied on a socket rail for storage.

Very good value and available now at £15.22 inc VAT but remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.

More details from ENDS.

More >


Facom, has launched a market first: a set of two oil filter wrenches that automatically adjust to fit all popular makes and models of oil filters. An integral part of any vehicle servicing routine, the oil change usually requires replacement of the oil filter. All too often though, removal of old filters can prove tricky due to prior over-tightening, limited access space and slippery filter housing.

Widely recognised as a brand at the forefront of tool innovation, Facom has come up with an ingenious new self-adjusting oil filter wrench design that takes the uncertainty out of the removal process and reduces More >