With more and more councils now switching off, or reducing the amount of time that street lights are on for, navigating your way around towns during darker evenings could prove as tricky as the unlit countryside.

When the clocks change and the commute home from work is done in dimming light or darkness, the dangers mount. Ensuring that pedestrians can see, and be seen, is essential for road safety. It is also advisable for car drivers to carry a torch in case of an emergency or breakdown. This year the AA has launched a range of torches to complement the hi-visibility products it offers More >


Richbrook’s latest innovation, a collapsible foldaway bucket might sound implausible, but it’s just as effective as a standard pail and far more convenient too.

Manufactured from super-sturdy black polyester, the foldaway bucket comes complete with a metal carry handle and features sturdy white plastic upper and lower rims. With the capacity to store 10-litres of water, the collapsible bucket ‘springs’ into life once filled, and thanks to its ingenious design, is able to support itself just like a regular, run of the mill bucket, even when empty. However, it’s when the bucket is not in use that the magic really happens!

Richbrook’s More >


Facom, Europe’s leading hand tool manufacturer, introduces a range of reinforced impact sockets for alloy wheels.

Impact sockets are essential in a busy workshop or tyre centre. With regular daily use in such an environment, however, they can quickly wear out. Facom’s new reinforced alloy wheel impact sockets are designed to last up to seven times longer than standard versions, offering superior longevity while providing complete protection for alloy wheels.

The set (part number NSI.5LPB) comprises 15, 17, 19, 21 and 22mm extra-durable impact sockets with Teflon sleeves, which prevent damage to precious and expensive alloy wheels during use. Stored in a More >


The new Dremel 4200 is the world’s first multi-tool with an EZ Change mechanism – an integrated keyless quick change system that allows the user easy and fast accessory changes without the need for a collet or wrench. Compatible with all of Dremel’s 100 accessories* and attachments – it speeds up any project. Simply pull back the two blue bars at the front of the tool simultaneously to remove one accessory and fit the next. Then let go of the blue bars and the accessory is securely fixed, switch it on and the accessory will tighten as the tool spins faster.

The Dremel More >


These new oil absorbing pads from Laser Tools (part no: 5712) repel water based fluids and absorb oil and petroleum-based fluids to ensure efficiency in your cleanup operation. Oil-only absorbent pads are designed to control and clean up spills in small areas.

The pads are 100 per cent polypropylene construction, strong, durable and offer terrific absorption – 0.6 litre per pad. Each pad is 500mm x 400mm and 2mm thick, supplied in a pack of 10. Pre-cut to divide each pad into two, if required.

The pads can be used indoors around machinery to catch leaks, drips and spills (great for underneath More >


As the nights grow shorter and temperatures begin to plummet, wheel and tyre supplier, Wheelwright, has released details of its extensive winter wheel and tyre portfolio and the company can supply both alloy and steel winter wheels, as well as a range of quality winter tyres in every available size.

Despite three exceptionally harsh winters, and the fact that the UK is on the same latitude as many countries, which have winter tyre legislation, the UK is most unusual in the fact that it is not a legal requirement to swap to grippier winter rubber once temperatures fall.

Surveys have shown that More >


Vintage Tyres, the well-known distributor of tyres for all sorts of specialist cars and motorcycles, has just introduced the latest addition to their range of classic accessories.

Their comprehensive Inner Tube Repair Kit contains all you need to repair punctures – superior patches in many sizes, rubber cement, sandpaper, French chalk, a tyre pencil and a quality roller.

Presented in an attractive period tin, this comprehensive repair kit would grace the glovebox or garage of any classic or kitcar motorist and is the ideal Christmas gift. It is available now for only £15 inc VAT and UK postage.

The kit is the latest More >


Acclaimed hand tool manufacturer, Facom, celebrates its 95th anniversary with the launch of two new ranges: the Sebastian Loeb and 95 years series.

Justifiably proud of its heritage, which spans from 1918 to 2013, Facom has designed a number of themed, limited edition tools and accessories.

Famed rally driver Sebastian Loeb is honoured with a signature model creeper and roller cabinet, while two new sets of hex keys are offered as part of the 95 Years Series range.

The DTS.1BSLRPB creeper’s chassis is a smooth, flat tube frame design, devoid of any dangerous sharp edges, with recessed sections to accommodate the shoulders and More >


Racekits, already known for their Falcon 750 Formula self-build kit is now offering the Merlin, aimed at the 750 Trophy Series.

The car will have the correct look of the pre-1973 cars already racing in the series and will have similar chassis parts and engines. All the components used for the suspension and running gear are of readily available classic car parts.

The 750 Trophy Series is said to be the lowest cost race series that uses purpose-built race cars giving real race car handling. Engines are mainly Reliant 850cc OHV units with the 750 Coventry Climax as an option.

Being a self-build More >


It may look shiny and new on the outside but ‘under the hood’ with an old chassis trouble could be lurking!

Broken joints, a leaking head gasket, block or radiator can often spell a hefty bill. The answer to many common repair problems could be in this nifty little trio of ‘Professional Mechanic Recommended’ products. Best of all they give a permanent fix – not a quick get me back on the road temporary job.

K-Seal one step permanent coolant leak repair is referred to by professional motor mechanics as ‘the head gasket in a bottle.’

QuikSteel Reinforced Epoxy Putty sets steel hard More >