Proving beyond all doubt at the recent Stoneleigh show that they are back with a bang, Pilgrim Motorsports, now owned and run by Paul Bennett, had a very impressive stand that lots of people commented on.

In addition to re-launching their Speedster model and also a special edition model with TV restorer, Fuzz Townshend, their Sumo Cobra replica is still very much available and now has the option of being available in modular kit form, which means each key chunk of the build can be bought separately as budget and/or space allows.

In all there are ten modules starting with the chassis pack at £4176 inc VAT ending with Module 10, the IVA pre-test check and test at £2004 inc VAT.

Factory builds are also available for the Sumo Mk3, and a Chevy 350ci V8-powered example delivering around 300bhp costs from £41,500 on the road.

More information from or 01273 493 860 ENDS.