Mike Mavrigian of Birchwood Automotive has finished another cool engine build. This one is a 440ci LS engine based on Dart’s LS Next iron block. The 10.54:1 compression engine made 665bhp and 627lb.-ft. of torque on the dyno.

Short Block Combo

Inside the Dart LS Next block are a Scat forged crankshaft and forged H-beam connecting rods, JE forged pistons, and a COMP Cams LSR hydraulic roller cam sporting .624 inches of lift and 243° intake/251° exhaust duration at .050in lift. Other components include a Dart block hardware kit and cam bearings specific to the LS Next block, Clevite main and rod bearings, and a Cloyes Hex-a-Just timing set with a Chevrolet Performance damper.

Valvetrain, Induction, and Ignition Combo

Topping the LS Next short block is a pair of Trick Flow GenX® 255 aluminum heads. Our combo uses Trick Flow chromoly pushrods, Harland Sharp roller rockers, and COMP Cams Pro Magnum roller lifters. Air and fuel mixing is the job of an 850 CFM Holley HP carburettor on a Holley LS mid-rise manifold. The ignition system is MSD stuff—6LS-2 controller, MSC II coil packs, and Super Conductor wires—and a set of NGK V-Power spark plugs.

Oil System Combo

Mike chose a Moroso Drag/Road Race pan with a Moroso pickup and a Melling oil pump. Summit Racing fittings were used to plumb the remote-mount oil filter, which is required for the LS Next block. Rounding out the oiling system is a Moroso dipstick and an ARP oil pump bolt.

Gaskets and Fasteners Combo

Mike used Fel-Pro and Mahle gaskets to seal the LS Next engine, plus an assortment of ARP bolts to keep everything together.

Engine Completer Combo

This combo includes Holley valve covers and ICT valve cover spacers; a COMP Cams timing cover and a Chevrolet Performance rear engine cover; Meziere electric water pump and water neck; ACDelco cam and crank position sensors; and a Chevrolet Performance cam position sensor wiring harness.

Building an engine with these parts might not be legal in your area—check state and local laws before ordering.