Replacing the existing heavy lead acid battery with a lithium-ion battery is the easiest and most effective method of reducing the overall weight and lowering the centre of gravity of a competition car.

The RPS-LB-B40 lightweight lithium-ion battery has been developed for use with racing car engines up to 4000cc fitted with an alternator and pit equipment.

A lithium-ion battery also enables the battery location to be changed to lower the centre of gravity. Since lithium-ion batteries are sealed they can be mounted in any orientation, even flat on their side.

The RPS-LB-B40 battery has a nominal voltage of 13.2v and a nominal capacity of 20.0Ah (264Wh). The charge current is 50A and the pulse cranking current is 960A.

The RPS-LB-B40 battery comes with M6 female terminals and retails at £779.99 inc VAT.

The RPS lithium-ion charger (RPS-L100C-14.4) is included with this battery at no extra cost to maximise the performance and lifespan of the battery.
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