I’m very partial to the BMW 318i-based (either E36 or E46 generations) GKD Legend, as it offers everything I look for in a kitcar: affordable DIY build cost, straightforward build and BMW donor and it’s available in four cylinder and big block straight-six powered guises.

Transform a humble BMW 2-litre four-banger into a 205bhp stormer with the addition of GKD's new supercharger kit

Both will offer real pleasure, but I like the relative simplicity and humbleness of the 318 version, although that could be about to get a real pep-up with the introduction of a supercharger kit for the 2-litre engine that More >


I doubt when John Cowperthwaite developed his range of children’s electric cars back in 1987 that they’d be celebrating 25-years of production in 2013. JC, of course, was the creator of the Moss range of kitcars that included Malvern, Monaco, Mamba and Midge, full-sized kits that were based around a plywood base.

Real Life Toy kits feature CNC-cut panels

His first foray into scaled-down models came with the Vintage Mayfair, under the Robert’s Wooden Car banner, with a change to Real Life Toys coming soon after. Another name change came in year 2000 with the adoption of Toylander and with it several More >


New from Viper Performance is the 340 Stealth Fuel Pump, a high-output, in-tank, electric fuel pump that fits most popular EFI applications.

It is a compact, lightweight pump that bolts into many existing hanger assemblies (to find your vehicle, applications list check the Aeromotive website).

What sets the 340 Stealth Pump apart is its superior flow throughout a wide pressure range. Compared to other popular aftermarket pumps, at 40 psi the 340 boasts more than 340 lph. That’s over 30 per cent more flow.

This pump is ideal for applications requiring more flow while retaining the factory lines and mounting provisions available in More >


With summer on the horizon, apparently, Rimblades from Saxon, offer a fresh, innovative solution to wiping out wheel damage – an unfortunate but inevitable part of driving a car.

Alloys are, on average, damaged and scuffed within the first three months and with more cars being fitted with alloys than ever before, Rimblades offers the perfect solution.

Expertly designed, manufactured and produced in the UK, they offer unrivalled performance in protecting rims and covering up existing marks as well as being great value and a refreshingly simple DIY product –so there’s no need to pay for or organise fitting on top.

Fitting Rimblades, More >


Burton Power now stocking Helix clutches

Burton Power is now stocking the latest Helix ‘Autosport Performance’ heavy duty clutch kits.

These clutches are intended for applications where the engine performance has been increased above standard and are manufactured from new high quality components. They are designed to give a clamp-load to cope with higher torque capacity together with an increase in engine rpm.

The units can be fitted as a direct replacement for the standard unit without modification to the flywheel and retaining the standard clutch mechanism. All kits contain a clutch cover assembly, driven plate and release bearing.

A choice is available for More >


The man that doesn’t sleep, Stuart Mills of MEV and Replicar™ is working hard in time for Stoneleigh, which as our image shows is progressing well, with orders already taken despite it not being seen in public yet!

MEV's Replicar project coming along and will be launched at this year's STONELEIGH show...

Meanwhile, the star of the March/April issue, the MEVSTER, will also make its show debut at Stoneleigh, as will Stuart’s book! Mustn’t forget the seminars he’s also doing at the show on each day…

More from or ENDS.


Viper Performance has come up with a superb offer for anyone building a kitcar, a racecar or simply upgrading their ride.

Order a car builder’s Hose Bundle containing 10x universal silicone hoses of the customer’s choice, including elbows, reducers, straights, couplers or any diameter or angle in the same colour, and get 20x T-bolt stainless steel hose clamps for free. Each clamp costs on average around £3.65 each so this represents a typical saving of around £73, although this offer is only available until July 2013, so be quick to order.

The offer applies to Red, Blue or Black stock hoses only. More >


As an alternative to twin ‘DCOE’ style throttle bodies, Jenvey Dynamics also offer a quad individual throttle body conversion kit for Ford 1.8 and 2-litre Zetec engines.

The package includes four SF48/4.5/1 taper throttle bodies (ITB’s), a Jenvey Dynamics EFI inlet manifold, fuel rail and four 90mm long air-horns.

Jenvey throttle bodies and accessories are engineered for motorsport and provide the excellent performance, reliability, lightness and value required for that purpose.

This kit is ideal for road, track or rally use and is suitable for Zetec-powered kitcars, racecars, Morgans, Ford Mondeos, Fiestas, Escorts and various other ‘specials’. The kit retails at £1314 inc More >


With summer approaching (I’m sure it will, be patient! – Ed), it’s time to check over your cooling system and get it ready for warmer weather. DEI Radiator Relief Cooling System Flush is designed to restore cooling system efficiency by removing rust deposits and dissolving oily residue. This will ensure your cooling system is clean and up to doing its job without overheating.

A flush-through will leave your cooling system clean and ready to be refilled with a water/anti-freeze mix or water plus DEI’s Radiator Relief Radiator Additive for through protection throughout the summer. DEI Radiator Relief Cooling System Flush available More >


Mini Spares has a cracking new product that is sure to appeal to owners of Classic Mini and/or cars powered by the A-Series engine. It’s called the 123\TUNE programmable Electronic Distributor opens up a whole new way of tuning your engine.

By connecting it to a computer, the end-user can easily adapt the 123\TUNE to fulfil even the most demanding requirements, while the unit offers two sets of curves that can be selected by connecting the 123\TUNE to a 12-volt feed.

The 123\TUNE software can be downloaded to the connected computer and the distributor will then power an electronic ‘dashboard’ with temperature More >