The Type 9 (aka ‘Type N’ gearbox in some workshop manuals) was Ford’s first rear wheel drive, five-speed gearbox. It was based on the four-speed Type E and features a cast iron main case with alloy tail housing.

This gearbox is the most commonly used for five-speed conversions on older vehicles, not just for classic Fords but for other classic makes such as MG and Triumph as well as thousands of kitcars, of course.

A four-wheel drive version of this ‘box was also available and was fitted in early XR4x4 and Granada Mk3 models. With original parts for classic Fords becoming harder to find it’s good to know that Burton Power is able to supply the original specification gearbox mount for this unit.

The mount can be ordered as Part No GBT9400 and retails at £24.95 inc VAT. More details from 0208 554 2281 or ENDS.