Heat and sound experts, Design Engineering Inc. has just launched its new EXO range of products. The first item in this range is the EXO Series Protect-A-Boot spark plug protection kit, which protects spark plug wires against high direct or radiant heat.

The boot features dual layer construction with two tiers of high temperature silica glassfibre encased in a tough outer exoskeleton of T304 grade stainless steel mesh, which, prevents direct contact with the inner Silica lining while also providing an insulating air gap barrier.

The dual layer construction and tough exterior results in a higher level of heat dissipation and abrasion resistance for high heat or abrasion prone environments such as off-road dirt track and Rally Raid style racing.

EXO Series Protect-A-Boot is especially suitable for engines that have spark plugs located in close proximity to the exhaust manifold or turbocharger.

The EXO Series boot is available in packs of two, four or eight.

More information from or 01377 236 170 ENDS.