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New from MNR Sportscars is the Crosskart Wildkat which has been developed specifically to be Motorsport UK compliant enabling competition use in a wide variety of disciplines.

Kits cost from £4800 inc VAT and include the fully jigged, CNC-cut and notched round tube chassis with integrated FIA-compliant full roll-over protection system, double adjustable Protech shocks. You also get the GRP panels in a high-gloss gelcoat finish.

MNR says that Crosskart is eligible for race, hillclimb, sprint and Time Attack while it would make a pretty cool trackday car.

It has been designed to accept a multiple of engines.

Turnkey examples start at £18,000 inc More >


Spark plug connectors. The idea is that you just pop them off. Easy. But sometimes they can be difficult to get to, hidden down in the engine bay, or even at the back of the engine. They might be oily and dirty and if you’re struggling to get a grip you may end up breaking the connector or even the spark plug. These new spark plug connector pliers from Laser Tools (part number 7834) are the answer.

Long (340mm) and very narrow, the clever double-jointed design means that you don’t have to spread the handles wide to grip the connector – More >


First of two great car care products this week from P&S Double Black Renny Doyle Collection is Brake Buster.

A superb and effective brake and wheel cleaner it turns to a deep red when it contacts crud on your wheel and brake calipers and discs. It safely removes caked-on brake dust, oil, stains and light corrosion but leaves the surface alone.

The product is described by P&S as a unique gel that sticks to the surface it comes into contact with and penetrates the dirt deposits, lifting them away.

Brake Buster also contains corrosion inhibitors that also add a thin layer of protection More >


I also really like the second P&S product this week. The American brand produces some superb products and their brilliantly-named Carpet Bomber is one of them.

It is a water-based solvent containing biodegradable cleaners and citrus derivatives that dissolves grease and lifts crud from carpet although I also use it with success on engine bays, wheel wells and vinyl.

It is one of the most effective products of its type that I have used. I have an old piece of carpet in my garage/workshop at home, which I try to keep clean but invariably always gets stained.

You wouldn’t want to eat your More >


Hundreds of prizes are up for grabs thanks to a new ‘Peel and Win’ consumer promotion launched by OSRAM, with motorists being offered the chance to win a luxury spa weekend for two and an iPad Pro.

The promotion, designed to drive business through OSRAM’s customer base, is the first where products will be shipped from the Ring Automotive warehouse in Leeds.

How does it work?

Selected OSRAM value-added products will have the small ‘Peel & Win’ sticker applied to packs during September and October. Selected products include OSRAM Halogen upgrades such as Night Breaker Laser, Night Breaker Silver, Cool Blue Intense, Cool More >


I’m always a little bit sceptical of All-in-One polishes as I always feel that as they are a compromise, they really can’t do any one job in a masterful way. Having said that there a few decent ones and I’d probably choose one of them over say, a waterless wash product.

A really good all-in-one that came to my attention recently comes from Illusion Car Care and is called Revive, which is a cleanser, polish and wax all-in-one bottle.

It contains minor imperfection filling agents, light abrasives and carnauba wax, Revive is an easy and fast way to restore tired and shabby More >


Here’s one for your daily driver.

Despite the rise in sales of electric vehicles, the UK vehicle parc is growing older, and with it comes a responsibility to ensure these vehicles continue to perform correctly.

TerraClean, the UK’s leading decarbonising expert from Randstad, has seen a sharp increase in vehicles suffering from emissions-related problems coming into its 500-strong network of independent garages and mobile mechanics.

Phillip Dowd, Randstad sales director, said: “Because of lockdown and the MOT extension, there has been a massive amount of vehicle inactivity, which has brought about a number of engine and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) related problems. This More >


This one isn’t a kit but it is very specialist and downright charming.

Not content with making the beautiful V-Sport three-wheeler, Pembleton Motor Company has unveiled the T24, their new four-wheeler.

It’s a hand-crafted, cyclecar weighing just 361kg it has vintage charms that fully complies with modern road-safety requirements.

There is plenty of twenties inspiration in the T24 not only in style but the overall feel of the thing, from its hand-formed aluminium body, drilled and riveted to the chassis and oozes traditional British craftsmanship.

An electronically managed and fuel-injected Moto Guzzi V-Twin engine is the beating heart of the T24. Combined with fully More >


Great new version of a great old tool from Car Builder Solutions is this Professional Turret Brake Pipe Flaring Tool (#TURFLARE).

The tool has a seven-position, rotating turret for fast changes of tooling for all five flare types included in the package.

It is superbly engineered from hardened and plated steel and will hopefully last a lifetime. Featuring a simple, vice-mounting while precision-machined tube grips will not mark the copper pipe.

It forms perfect single and double flares on copper and copper/nickel tube and has a large ‘Tommy’ bar for effortless use.

It is supplied with full instructions and a blow-moulded case. SAE Tooling More >


Sealey continuously expands its range of products to bring you the very latest technology in tools and equipment.

They are well known for their innovation, new ideas, quality and value. They have launched many new and exciting products since the release of their current 2019/20 catalogue, so it seemed a good time to create The New Lines Promotion – all of their latest products in one place at very special promotional prices!

The brand new 108-page New Lines promotion launched on September 1 contains over 1360 products, savings up to 51 per cent off list price inside and is valid to January More >