If you want window channels, for your kit, classic, vintage or even veteran car, then our friends at Woolies have a solution for you. They have a vast range.

Part No. 151 Flexible W/Channel

One of their most popular window channels is part no.151 Flexible Window Channel with metal encased in it, this fits both 3/16in (4.7mm) and 1/4in (6mm) glass so is very versatile and costs £6 per mtr.

For trade customers it comes in 25-metre rolls

Part No.s 317 + 319 Universal

Part numbers 317 and 319 Universal window channels are more modern and is excellent value at £3.50 and £4 per metre respectively.  The ‘ears’ on the inside allow for varying thicknesses of glass.

These are also available in 15-metre rolls.

Traditional Window Channels

The larger of these two is part no. 51 and is used on stuff like pre-war vehicles and Morris Minors. The smaller product part no. 50 is Woolies’ smallest window channel and is used in stuff like Land Rover Defenders.

Rigid Window Channels

Woolies also have some window channels that are rigid. The stainless beaded one part no. 311 is used on stuff like Morris Travellers.

If you need a metal channel part no. 233 rigid alloy channel may be suitable, this has a choice of two inserts specifically for use with it part no. 116 for 3/16in (4.7mm) glass and part no. 117 for 1/4in (6mm) glass.

Part no. 151-R (on the right of the photo below) is very similar to 151 but is completely rigid and comes in 2-metre lengths.

Double Track Channels

Woolies has two double-track window channels ideal for sliding glass. Part no. 366 is for 3/16in glass (4.7mm) and part no. 337 is for 1/4in (6mm) glass.

Plain Black Felt Strips

If none of the ‘ready made’ window channels seems suitable Plain Black Felt (Part No. 87) is a good alternative and is also used on early cars.  Available in a few sizes but the most suited to window channels are  2″ x 1/16 (50mm x 1.5mm), 2″ x 1/8″ (50mm x 3mm) and 1″ x 1/8″ (25mm x 3mm) it can be pushed in the channel and the excess trimmed off to make a window channel.

Glazing Rubber

As well as window channels we have a glazing strip which is ideal for fixed windows, it is a textured rubber strip available in a few sizes, the most popular for glazing being 2″ x 1/32″ (50mm x 0.8mm) and 2″ x 1/16″ (50mm x 1.5mm). These are great value for money at £1.75 and £2.00 per metre.

More from www.woolies-trim.co.uk or call them on 01778 347 347 ENDS.