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Unsung heroes week this week! Another of my favourite suppliers is Woolies.

For all those little extras which are so important Woolies has it covered with a comprehensive range of hood fittings, door panels and other clipswoodscrews and self-tapping screws plus cup washers to name just a few.

More from or at the other end of 01778 347 347 ENDS.


Many enthusiasts dream of fixing their own car, saving hundreds, or indeed, thousands of pounds worth of workshop bills, but many lack the confidence or experience to do it. Thankfully, Bedfordshire-based Motor Skills Training has the perfect answer; a series of accessible and carefully thought out modular training courses that can elevate the average petrolhead from zero to hero, in spannering terms, over just a few days.

Under the watchful eye of respected TV Mechanic, and multiple-manufacturer acclaimed lead-engineer, Ralph Hosier, Motor Skills does exactly what it says on the tin, teaching kit, classic and retro car owners how to keep More >


Seals Plus Direct (SPD) is one of those companies that the specialist car industry can’t really do without. As the name suggests, they specialise in rubber seals although they do offer much more than that. Think rubber or silicone extrusions, expanded neoprene, white PVC cord, flocked lined window rubbers, and glass door seals, to name but a few of the 800 product lines they keep in stock. Actually, the total of stock and non-stock part numbers they have access to is closer to 10,000!

Kit and specialist cars play a significant part in the business although are dwarfed by classic cars More >


Revolutionise your toolkit with this comprehensive tool bag kit from Laser Tools, a portable powerhouse for automotive enthusiasts (part number 61719). This 63-piece set encompasses an array of essentials, from wrenches and socket drivers to hex keys, pliers, and much more. The package includes must-haves like a tape measure, utility knife, hacksaw and wire brush, all neatly organised in an 18in heavy-duty tool bag.

No more missing tools – everything you need is in one convenient kit.

The kit features the following handtools:

A particularly versatile socket and bit set that includes a 1/4in-drive stubby ratchet, ratchet-driver, 9 x 1/4in-drive sockets (4-12mm), and More >


Modern head and neck restraint systems do a great job in reducing head and neck injuries caused by the whiplash motion generated during an impact. An issue most restraints don’t address is concussion prevention. Bumpy tracks, a bumping a guardrail, or other low-impact events can be enough to cause a concussion or other brain injury, even if you’re wearing a helmet (which you should).

The Meru Safety Ascent Carbon Brace is designed to protect your neck and reduce the chances of getting a concussion. It features Meru’s Inertia Dampening System (IDS) that uses a speed-sensitive dampener mounted on the Ascent’s hinged collar More >


XCS Designs makers of the Dieci and XCS 427 have announced a new model. Sort of…

A new drift cart is available for order now and looks like amazing fun.

“It came about from a crazy idea we had in the workshop one morning. We built one and customers that have come to see progress with their 427s have ordered one, so it looks like we have a new model. Order one now for next Christmas!” XCS boss Harvey Rice told me.

Harvey Rice at work on one of the core XCS models the 427

More from or 01799 513 478 ENDS.

More >


Old Hall Performance Ltd (OHP), exclusive importers and resellers of high-quality aftermarket products into the UK and EU performance marketplace, has announced that it has purchased the assets of Trident Racing Supplies Limited and will continue business under the Trident name at its Silverstone base.

Making the announcement, Jim Morris, managing director of OHP, was enthusiastic in welcoming Trident Racing Supplies into the OHP fold: “This sale provides a great opportunity to continue OHP’s expansion into the motorsport trade and provides customers – old and new – with the convenience of an iconic Silverstone location.

“Nick Appleton and Bill Bray have been More >


Introducing the Connect Workshop Consumables Twist-To-Break Cable Ties – a versatile and dependable solution for all your cable management requirements. The twist-to-break functionality ensures easy usage and secure fastening for your cables, wires, and much more.

Unlike other cable ties that have sharp cut ends, these twist-to-break cable ties have a serrated tie body which leaves a smooth and safe breaking edge after twisting. Just twist off with your fingers, no cutting, and leaves no sharp edges. No additional tools are required. Self-locking to ensure a secure hold.

Four sizes are available: 102mm x 2.8mm (part number 31806), 200mm x 4.6mm (part More >


Pop one of these in your top pocket: Laser Tools’ new aluminium pen light (part number 8597), integrates a 2W COB lamp with a 2W LED torch and is powered by a rechargeable 750mAh lithium-ion battery. Encased in a tough silver-anodized body, this pen light features a magnetic base and a pocket clip for convenient placement and easy portability. The COB lamp gives a good spread of light while the LED offers a more direct torch beam.

This nifty pen light has dimensions of 17mm x 156mm x 13mm and is easily rechargeable via the supplied USB cable. It charges in More >

Silicone couplers are popular for attaching air intake tubing to a throttle body. However, if you’re looking to turn up the boost on a turbocharged engine, a coupler will have a tendency to pop off. In this case, an HD clamp is the way to go. It provides a more secure connection with less chance of leaking precious boost pressure. Vibrant Performance’s Throttle Body Transition Flange and Bosch DBW Throttle Body Adapters make it easy to use a clamp to keep things secure.

4in HD to 4.25in OD Throttle Body Transition Flange

This transition flange allows you to use a 4in HD More >

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